What is an Internet Service Provider?

The technology that has taken hold of everyone in offices and at home is the Internet. Over time, the Internet has improved tremendously in terms of speed and accessibility. Imagine the 90s era when dial-up internet was used as a way to surf websites and check email. However, with such low speed, it was not possible to do online activities such as streaming, heavy downloading and gaming.

There weren’t many service providers like you find today. For example, you can find many internet service providers offering fiber, cable, and DSL internet. The speed varies with each type of connection and the choice of internet connection depends on several people and types of activities.

However, the question is what is an ISP and what ISPs are available in my area. In this article, we are going to shed some light on what an internet service provider is and what plans each service provider offers. Hold on to the post until the end and let’s get started right away.

Internet Service Provider, normally referred to as ISP, is the term used for companies offering Internet services. If someone is talking about their provider, they are usually talking about the ISP. Your internet service provider allows you to access the internet at different speeds. These days, cable Internet providers also offer cable subscriptions as well as high-speed Internet access. In addition to this, cable internet providers also offer many packages and offers to combine all the services into one.

An Internet Service Provider is a gateway to your Internet connection and all the activities you can do online. Also, without activation from the backend, you will not be able to access different websites, send emails, shop online, stream your favorite shows, and download large files.

The Internet service provider offers you a link between its servers and your device. When you send an email to your colleague, you may feel that the email is sent directly. However, in reality, the email is sent indirectly from your computer to the ISP’s server.

When it comes to choosing the best internet service provider near me, what I do is enter the zip code. After pressing enter, the results are displayed where each ISP is listed. Here are some of the best internet service providers near my area, which you can also choose based on your location. Let’s take a look at some of the internet service providers available near me.


Cox Communications is one of the most reputable internet service providers in my area. In addition to offering Internet, it also offers many packages including telephone and cable. However, if you prefer to have a standalone internet plan, Cox is an optimal choice.

Cox’s internet plans are well-versed in people with different needs and budgets. No matter which plans you choose, Cox gives you a fast internet connection that lets you stream buffer-free movies, play lag-free games, and download huge files without interruptions.

Additionally, the Cox security suite is one of the best things offered by only a few vendors. The security suite helps you stay protected and secure while browsing websites, shopping, and transacting. One of the best things about Cox is their customer support. cox in spanish helps you call anytime without waiting and answer your questions immediately.


Spectrum is the best choice for US residents covering over 42 states across the country. Much like Cox, Spectrum also offers standalone internet plans that meet your daily online activity needs, from streaming to gaming and browsing to socializing.

In addition to offering standalone Internet access, Spectrum also helps you bundle your services, including Internet, cable, and phone. One of the best things about Spectrum is the inclusion of a free security suite that comes with all of its plans. Also, if you want to manage and pay your bills without much effort, just download the My Spectrum app.

Spectrum currently offers three packages which include Single Play, Double Play and Triple Play. If you opt for the Spectrum triple play plan, you’ll get over 175 channels with free HD, nationwide Wi-Fi and unlimited US calling.


Entering the postcode allowed me to check the fastest internet available in my area or should I say the best internet service provider near me. Mediacom, as many users have said, has a good reputation and keeps you connected throughout the day without any interruptions. Whether you’re watching TV series, downloading large files, or playing Call of Duty with a group of friends, Mediacom delivers speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

You don’t have to worry if you’re looking for an affordable internet plan, because Mediacom’s starting speed can reach 100 Mbps. With lightning fast speed and prices to suit all budgets, Mediacom offers optimal services.

As we saw earlier about the bundles and packages offered by Cox and Spectrum, Mediacom is no exception. You can bundle Internet with phone, Internet with TV, or combine all three services into one. Mediacom’s customer service is also average, helping you get help whenever you want.

In this article, we have discussed what is an internet service provider and internet service providers near me. Before subscribing to any of these ISPs, be sure to check their availability in your area.

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