Todd Gross Inc. introduces video software that creates “virtual employees” for small businesses

Video marketing expert Todd Gross is helping small businesses embrace automation with a revolutionary app that generates interactive ‘video sales bots’

According to video marketing expert Todd Gross, the global economy is now entering a new era, one dominated by automation. And as the market continues to grow rapidly, there is significant revenue potential for small businesses, but only for those who can successfully adapt to it.

Today, Todd is introducing a new product that can help business owners achieve that goal, the Video Campaigner. The innovative app is a fusion of two powerful technologies that are now ubiquitous on online marketplace platforms: videos and chatbots. App users can generate a team of “Video Sales Bots” programmed to perform certain tasks instead of real salespeople – from generating leads to converting sales and collecting payments. The robots can then be rented out to business owners looking to automate their operations.

With this new technology, Todd explains, entrepreneurs can save substantial costs while increasing sales. “The app can produce an entire army of virtual employees who will work for your business 24/7 without any complaints,” Gross said. “We are witnessing the greatest labor shortage since the Second World War. And we have the solution thanks to this technology.

The Video Campaignor website will soon be live and available for viewing at

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