Tata Elxsi and Green Hills Software Introduce Latest Production Ready AUTOSAR Compatible Platforms for Safe and Secure Driver Monitoring Systems


Tata Elxsi, a global leader in design and technology services, and Green Hills Software, the global leader in in-vehicle safety and security, have announced their collaboration for a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) platform that combines advanced DMS (VOEOSYS) (1) and AUTOSAR Adaptive software from Tata Elxsi integrated with the safe and secure INTEGRITY® real-time operating system (RTOS) from Green Hills Software optimized to run on the latest families of automotive-grade microprocessors . This flexible, standards-based DMS platform enables OEMs and Tier 1 vendors to reduce the time, cost and complexity of developing and deploying their DMS-compliant ADAS systems while meeting mandatory global requirements by safety and security.

A driver monitoring system helps deal with the growing safety risks caused by distracted and drowsy drivers and also provides essential assurance that a driver is ready to take control of an autonomous driving system.

  • The Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) already requires DMS for five-star safety ratings, while the European General Safety Regulation mandated DMS technology for all new cars, vans, trucks and buses from CY2024.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends the use of DMS as an effective means of engaging drivers in Level 2 vehicles, and the US Congress is pushing for DMS in all new US cars by six ( 6 years.
  • NHTSA estimates that distracted driving is responsible for more than 3,100 deaths per year (2) in the United States alone

Global automakers and their suppliers are adding a growing number of DMS features, both to meet regulatory requirements and to improve the user experience and safety for buyers. But these manufacturers and suppliers face obvious challenges in managing the complexity of not only DMS software and hardware platforms, but also specific requirements for safety, security, performance, cost, and time. marketing.

“It is a great pleasure for us to continue our collaboration with Green Hills, which is the market leader in the deployment of the safety-critical RTOS INTEGRITY and associated tool sets for global automakers,” said Shaju S, Vice President and Head of Transportation, Tata Elxsi. “Most OEMs and Tier 1 vendors are now looking for adaptive AUTOSAR platforms for safe, secure and scalable domain controllers. This combined driver monitoring system solution with Green Hills meets the latest automotive industry requirements and will undoubtedly allow us to provide customers with industry ready capabilities. “

“Green Hills is thrilled to be working with a recognized leader for AUTOSAR and DMS solutions like Tata Elxsi,” said Dan Mender, vice president of business development, Green Hills Software, “With this complete DMS platform solution focused on production, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can now deploy mature, high-performance, safe and secure DMS capabilities with the highest confidence and fastest time to market across the widest range of automotive processors. “

The AUTOSAR Adaptive-based integrated DMS from Tata Elxsi and Green Hills Software provides intelligent determination of a driver’s readiness and attention state and operates on the safe and secure high-performance platform based on INTEGRITY which has already proven in millions of vehicles today.

  • Tata Elxsi’s DMS software detects distracted and drowsy drivers with its hybrid vision pipeline architecture that intelligently combines vehicle data (direction, speed) with gaze direction, head orientation and expression of the eye. driver’s face.
  • The basic hardware platform has been validated on many types of cameras such as IR, NIR, HDR, webcam, monochrome and custom camera modules.
  • The Tata Elxsi Functional Safety Compliant AUTOSAR Adaptive Stack is based on 19.11 and comes with a feature-rich configuration tool.
  • Using the flexibility of the platform, future software enhancements may include OTA updates and cloud connectivity for event recording.
  • Green Hills Software provides the basis for safe, secure and deterministic execution of DMS software, powered by INTEGRITY RTOS, pre-certified ISO 26262 ASIL D and ready for the cybersecurity standard ISO 21434. INTEGRITY securely separates critical software components and secures system resources to AUTOSAR Adaptive components running as native INTEGRITY tasks, even in the face of malicious or unintentional events.
  • The MULTI® debugger with its TimeMachine® trace analysis tools is specially designed to find the most difficult and time-consuming bugs, while allowing rapid system optimization, saving DMS development teams time considerable in their sprint to production.

Shares of Tata Elxsi Limited were last trading in BSE at Rs. 6,222.40 from the previous close of Rs. 6,187.45. The total number of shares traded during the day was 3,626 in more than 858 trades.

The action hit an intraday high of Rs. 6,245.75 and an intraday low of 6,200.00. The net turnover during the day was Rs. 22,563,867.00.

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