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HOLGATE – The public gathered on Sunday to honor the retirement of Holgate Public Library Director Lynn Swary, who has served the community for nearly three decades in this post.

Swary said she started working part-time with a friend.

“I started here 28 years ago when a friend of mine was working here and there was going to be a vacancy, and she let me know the position was coming,” she said. . “So that’s how I started here. I came in and applied for the job, and another friend of mine came along at the same time. We both got the job, it got split in half. We were therefore part-time with this position.

Before arriving at the public library, Swary said she worked at the local school library.

“I worked in the library as a backup when the librarian was sick or on vacation. It’s really the only experience I’ve had (before), ”she said.

Swary said the local library has gone through many changes over the years, but the expansion of facilities and technology stand out among these.

“When I started, the whole front-end wasn’t there,” she said. “It was just the supermarket and (the back room). That was it when I got here.

“The librarian before me, Ms. Jeanette Brink, was a wonderful woman. She trained us very well, ”continued Swary. “As soon as the computers started coming in she practically said she was older and didn’t want to do it anymore. So I interviewed for the job and got the job, and then we started bringing in computers and that’s where libraries kind of went back then – into technology and music. But we were still very small and limited to what we could do here.

Swary said the support of the community is what has enabled the library to offer what it does to residents.

“About five years ago we passed a tax and we added it. So we did it and started building a lot of programs into the library until COVID hit and then we couldn’t do it anymore, ”she said. “We have wonderful clients who come to the library, and the community support was evident when we took our debit, as the majority of people who voted voted for this debit. And they voted again when they got the next one last year. So I think we have a lot of support for the library. They really like having a library in this city.

Over the years, the Holgate Public Library has been able to host programs such as Chalk Couture and Soaring Arts, as well as exhibitions by local students. The COVID pandemic has interrupted the library’s momentum by offering programs to the community, but Swary sees it as a highlight of what she can offer residents.

“The most important thing is our children’s programs. It really stung when COVID hit, and when you lose your kids you lose your future, I believe, ”she said. “And then (local historian) Taylor Moyer walked in and he had huge crowds that he would attract with his programs. He was wonderful. We have always been kind and successful in our programs.

Swary said family is her current goal to enjoy retirement with her husband, Al.

“We have 13 grandchildren. Most of them live nearby, but some of them live in southern Indiana, ”she said. “We are planning to make a few visits. We have some great friends who have a cabin in Canada and plan to visit them. My husband has a brother who has a cabin in Tennessee and we would love to visit them. I have a few crafts that I am doing. Grandchildren, family, friends, that’s it. We don’t have big plans.

Although Swary is stepping down from the post, she said she believes the library is left in capable hands.

“I hope the community will continue to support the library. The new librarian will be Annie Marckel, ”she said. “I just hope the community supports her. I think she and the staff we have now are going to have some great ideas, and I think they’re going to take the library to another level. I think it gets to a point where you have to have new blood, new people with new ideas. We have had great success with our community. We are very grateful to the community.

Marckel has worked at the library for 26 years.

“I’m pretty excited,” Markel said. “I have big shoes to fill. I hope I can do as good a job as Lynn has done for the past 28 years.

Markel also pointed out that programming is one of the strengths of the library.

“We’re just programming more and finishing the rest of the building – getting a new carpet, fixing the floors, things like that,” she said. “But programming is our number one priority. “

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