SoftwareReviews Announces Best Build, Price, and Quote Software for 2022

Software vendors are scored on product features, vendor capabilities, and their relationship with their software partner.
The study is to collect information on user satisfaction with both product features and experience with the software vendor. Aggregated Emotional Response Ratings are included across the areas of Service, Negotiation, Product Impact, Conflict Resolution, Strategy and Innovation to create a powerful indicator of overall customer sentiment. user towards the supplier and its product – all from the point of view of the software user. SoftwareReviews calls this idea the Net Emotional Footprint.

With a net emotional imprint of +92, OracleCPQ is appreciated by its customers for the development and administration of quotes. Tacton CPQ received a net emotional footprint of +86 and exceeded user expectations with a rules engine, which automatically includes products that must go together, such as shipping and warranties. XaitCPQ received a net emotional imprint of +89, ranking first for the exceptional configuration of its products and services. With a net emotional imprint of +81, CloudSense CPQ performed well to include multi-currency functionality.

Configuration, pricing and quoting software satisfied users by including product and service configuration. However, most users would like to see improvements in mobile features to support multiple devices.

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About SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant Awards and Software Reports

The SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant Awards recognize outstanding software vendors in the technology market, rated annually by their users. Top vendors in a software category are eligible to receive Data Quadrant Gold Awards, provided their net promoter scores meet the user satisfaction threshold high enough in four evaluation areas: vendor capabilities, product features, likelihood to recommend, and vendor experience.

About SoftwareReviews

SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, is backed by two decades of experience in computer science research and consulting. By collecting real data from verified IT and business professionals, the SoftwareReviews methodology produces a detailed and authentic insight into the software review and purchase experience.

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