ServiceNow Acquires Era Software to Extend Unified Observability Workflows

ServiceNow announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire observability and log management innovator, Era Software.

Following the acquisition of Lightstep by ServiceNow in 2021, Era Software will help provide customers with a unified observability solution at scale. Customers will be able to gather actionable insights that drive value across the enterprise, all within a single solution purpose-built for the digital commerce era.

Observability is fundamental to digital transformation because it provides developers with the insights needed to understand the performance of mission-critical applications at scale and how to translate that data into business value. Yet within large enterprises, observability often remains siloed and costly, creating a fragmented and complex experience for DevOps and SRE teams.

Era Software’s innovative technology and customer-centric approach to log management complements and augments existing Lightstep functionality, and accelerates ServiceNow’s path to unified telemetry (logs, metrics, traces).

“Digital transformation succeeds or fails based on unified observability,” says Ben Sigelman, General Manager of ServiceNow’s Lightstep business unit and co-founder of Lightstep. “Together, ServiceNow and Era Software are set up to deliver a unified and seamless observability experience within a single solution, built to scale.”

As a founding member of the OpenTelemetry project, Lightstep is leading the industry in a vision towards unified telemetry. Together, Era Software and Lightstep will further extend critical and unified observability workflows, removing the confusing context switches that hinder DevOps and SRE productivity in most enterprises today. Unified telemetry empowers teams to innovate quickly with precision and control, helping modern organizations achieve better results from all their technology investments, capitalizing on the promise of digital transformation.

“At Era Software, we have created solutions to simplify the complex challenges of managing large volumes of observability data, with a particular focus on log management,” said Todd Persen, CEO and co-founder of Era Software. “We have always believed that observability should extend across the enterprise. We’re excited to join ServiceNow as we further build a customer-centric observability model that can help transform the way people work.

Since its inception, the Era Software team has designed new approaches to log data management that solve the scale, performance, and cost issues associated with running distributed applications on modern cloud-native architectures. . Seattle-based Era Software was co-founded in 2019 by CEO Todd Persen and CTO Robert Winslow. Persen was previously co-founder and CTO at InfluxData, where he helped design the InfluxDB time series database.

With IDC predicting observability market growth to reach $9.08 billion by 20251, this announcement underscores ServiceNow’s organic growth strategy with a focus on talent and technologies that drive Now platform with new and improved features for customers. It follows other recent ServiceNow acquisitions, including Hitch Works, DotWalk, Mapwize and Gekkobrain. ServiceNow expects to complete the acquisition of Era Software in the fourth quarter of 2022. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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