Sally South appointed Executive Director of the Geneva West Chamber of Commerce | Léman West Lake News

Sally South was appointed the new Executive Director of the Geneva West Chamber of Commerce and took up her post on December 13. She succeeded Becke Connelly, who had held the post since May 2021.

“I ran the Chamber of Commerce for the Chain O ‘Lakes region in Richmond, Illinois, which encompasses Richmond, Spring Grove and Fox Lake,” she said. “I was with this room for about four and a half years. “

For South, the move to this position made sense.

“My husband and I moved to Lake Geneva in May 2021, then I was offered this job and it’s 10 minutes from my home,” she said. “As a chamber general manager, it’s quite nice to live where you promote your businesses. “

Being a Wisconsinite now, she says the location and opportunities this position provides is something she values.

“I love the job and the career at the chamber of commerce so it was a good transition to move from being an executive director and only employee in Illinois to being an executive director here,” she said. .

According to South, his main job requirements in this new role are leading the chamber and the company.

“I make all of the decisions and I have an eight-person board of directors who make sure I follow our chamber rules and the rules of the state of Wisconsin.”

As for her goals and her vision of the community as a director, everything revolves around people.

“We definitely want to incorporate more events and events that will attract more tourists,” South said. “In addition, we want to recognize our chamber members. Right now we’re thinking of taking a wine and whiskey walk, and we have a few other ideas in mind that we want to see how to implement.

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