Ranking shopping app providers is like a surprise gift

Did you hear? They now have shopping apps for your smartphone.

Oh that’s right. It was like 10 years ago. What we meant was “have you seen the new PYMNTS supplier ranking of shopping apps which is totally up to date and updated every month?”

Since we are gathered here, let’s assume that your answer is “yes”. In that case, let’s go ahead and see what’s happened since the last time we checked out these useful and tempting apps.

The Top 5

It happened. What can you say? Amazon takes No. 1 after a long run at the top of these rankings.

Archrival Walmart is at #2 and down one spot. The tireless SHEIN app, which has held No. 1 longer than anyone else, is now seeing the sight of No. 3. It’s a good place.

The AliExpress app loses a spot at #4, while Nike does the same only at #5.

Top 10

Coming out of the Top 5, we come across some new big names, namely the Target app at #6.

A tangle of ties formed as three brands – eBay, Etsy and Fetch Rewards – all climbed to No. 7 in the rankings, all down from last month except Etsy.

At #8 we have a winner. It’s the OfferUp app that moves up two spots after recent holiday shopping.

Alibaba.com takes number 9, and kudos to them: they didn’t rank last time.

Winning us there is a tie for No 10, and no, this is not a British election joke.

The Sam’s Club app, now joined at No. 10 by newcomer Nike SNKRS, fell two spots from last month. As the old TV commercial said, “It must be the shoes!”



On:More than half of US consumers believe biometric authentication methods are faster, more convenient and more reliable than passwords or PINs. So why do less than 10% use them? PYMNTS, in collaboration with Mitek, surveyed more than 2,200 consumers to better define this perception in relation to the usage gap and identify ways companies can increase usage.

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