Pipe17, Cin7 partner for e-commerce software

Pipe17, a SaaS provider that enables e-commerce businesses to integrate applications for multi-channel operations, has partnered with Cin7, a developer of cloud-based inventory management software, according to a press release.

This will make Cin7 products available to all Pipe17 customers as new integration options and will make Pipe17 software available to Cin7 customers.

This will allow businesses to offer a multi-channel solution for e-commerce, allowing business owners to “uncork” their work and better achieve their fulfillment goals.

The release says the Pipe17 app is used to streamline business operations without the need for code or IT. Merchants will be able to integrate with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping providers, ERPs, financial services, and more. There are built-in workflows to automate order and inventory transfers across different channels. The report mentions an operational view of live traffic with real-time notifications to combat errors.

“At Cin7, we are privileged to support companies in delivering their products to consumers,” said Michelle Calkins, Global Vice President of Partnerships at Cin7. “Companies can now take advantage of both the inventory management and operational depth of our Cin7 product suite, with the flexibility and agility of Pipe17’s connectivity hub.”

Meanwhile, Mo Afshar, Founder and CEO of Pipe17, said the partnership will enable merchant customers “fast and reliable connectivity to a growing range of e-commerce shopping carts, marketplaces, 3PLs and more.”

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PYMNTS wrote that in other B2B SaaS news, Olo acquired Ann Arbor’s Wisely, a customer intelligence platform, for $187 million.

This suggests Olo is shifting from consumer-facing products to more in-house tools to benefit restaurants.

This comes as the focus on restaurant technology remains to provide restaurants with new ways to deal with the pandemic and its challenges, including online ordering tools.



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