On Monday, Asure Software (ASUR) will release its quarterly results.

After the close of trading on Monday, November 7, Asure Software’s (NASDAQ: ASUR) quarterly earnings report will be released to the public. This event is currently scheduled. Experts in this field believe the company will post quarterly earnings of $0.03 per share.
Asure Software (NASDAQ:ASUR) on Monday (August 8) released the quarterly financial figures it had previously compiled. Earnings per share for the quarter reported by the information technology company came in at $0.08, $0.03 higher than the consensus estimate of $0.11. However, asure Software’s return on equity was only 0.88% and the company’s net margin was -9.38%, both negative. Analysts’ revenue projections for the next quarter ranged from $20.35 million to $20.30 million each time they were updated. Compared to the prior year’s results, the company’s performance during this period resulted in a loss of $0.04 per share. According to projections made by industry analysts, Asure Software will not generate earnings per share either in the current fiscal year or the next.
When trading began on Monday, Asure Software’s stock price was $6.10 per share. Over the past year, Asure Software’s stock price has hovered between a record low of $4.87 and a record high of $9.94. The debt ratio is currently 0.23, the current ratio has been calculated at 1.07 and the quick ratio has also been calculated at 1.07. Right now, the company’s stock price is trading at $5.40, which is below its 200-day moving average price of $5.62. It has a beta of 0.79 and its price-earnings ratio is -16.05, which contributes to its market value of $122.87 million.
In a report published by StockNews.com on October 12, the company was first mentioned in print media for the very first time. They recommended that shareholders “keep” their shares in the company.
On Monday, August 15, Asure Software CEO Patrick Goepel purchased 18,000 shares. This is another development regarding Asure Software. The transaction cost a total of $100,080.00, which equates to a price of $5.56 per share for the shares purchased on average. The price was determined by multiplying the total amount by the number of shares purchased. Following the successful completion of the transaction, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) now directly owns 917,888 shares, each of which is currently valued at $5,103,457.28. In addition, the transaction has been made public to the general public through an SEC filing, available online. As a result, people who work for the company now own 7.60% of all shares in the company.
Hedge funds have recently made some changes to the way they hold stocks. The percentage of Asure Software owned by Captrust Financial Advisors increased to 34.8% during the second quarter due to the company’s successful acquisition efforts. Captrust Financial Advisors now owns 243,435 shares of the company, valued at $1,388,000 after purchasing an additional 62,862 shares of the technology company during the period in question. Millennium Management LLC successfully acquired an additional 49.4% of Asure Software shares in the second quarter. Following the purchase of 14,305 additional shares during the last fiscal quarter, Millennium Management LLC’s holdings of shares in the technology company increased to $247,000, bringing the total amount of money that the company invested in these assets at $247,000. Additionally, a 10.2% increase in Private Capital Management LLC’s stake in Asure Software was achieved in the first three months of 2018. Private Capital Management LLC now owns 2,554,153 shares of the technology company, which are currently valued at $15,197,000 after purchasing 236,468 shares. during the period in question. This brings the total number of shares held by the company to 2,554,153. The percentage of Asure Software shares held by State Street Corporation increased 11.0% during the first quarter after the company invested in the company . After buying an additional 5,264 shares in the last quarter, State Street Corp. now owns a total of 53,331 shares of the tech company, which she bought for $317,000.
Finally, Northern Trust Corporation realized a 14.8% increase in the number of Asure Software shares it held in the first three months of this year. As a result, the total number of shares in the technology company held by Northern Trust Corp. has risen to 37,499, and its current market value is $222,000.00. Collectively, hedge funds and other types of institutional investors own a total of 64.59% of the company’s outstanding shares.

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