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CONCORD – If you’re a homeowner and want to help keep New Hampshire’s lakes clean and healthy, you’ll want to hire a lake-friendly contractor for your next project. Whether you’re looking for a landscaper or a septic system designer or a firefighter, check out the NH LAKES team of lake-friendly living service providers.

“What happens on your property affects the lake – whether you live along the lake or miles away from it,” comments Andrea LaMoreaux, president of NH LAKES. “Over the years, most people I’ve met don’t really know how their actions affect the health of our lakes. I also learned that most people want to know what they can do to help keep the lake they love and enjoy clean and healthy.

Through the NH LAKES LakeSmart program, owners receive personalized recommendations on adopting lake-friendly living practices in their home, on their property, and along the lake. “Often we provide relatively simple, self-made recommendations,” LaMoreaux says. “But sometimes the projects can be big and complicated, or the owners just don’t have the time or the interest to do it themselves. That’s why we recommend our LakeSmart service provider partners.

LakeSmart Service Provider Partners are committed to doing their jobs in a way that supports clean, healthy lakes and helping their customers live in a lake-friendly way. Depending on the services they provide, there are various trainings they need to undergo to participate in LakeSmart.

NH LAKES is excited to welcome aboard its 2022 team of LakeSmart Service Provider Partners and encourages you to contact them with your lake-friendly living needs! Please see below and learn more at nhlakes.org/lakesmart.

NH LAKES 2022 LakeSmart Service Provider Partners

Architects and General Contractors and Home Builders

Exclusive partner of the bald eagle

Drinking water and wastewater service providers

• Advanced on-site solutions (Lakes, Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee and Monadnock areas): aosne.com

Exclusive partner of the bald eagle

• CSA Environmental Consultants (Lakes Region, Merrimack Valley Region/Coastal Region)

• Septic Check Inspections (Lakes Region, Merrimack Valley Region/Coastal Region): septicchecknh.com, 603-893-2011

Landscape Service Providers

Exclusive partner of the bald eagle

Estate agents and property rental agencies

• RE/MAX Home Sweet Home (Lakes and Merrimack Valley/Coastal areas): NHHomeSweetHome.com, 603-765-5325

You can find out what lake-friendly living opportunities you can pursue on your own property by taking the LakeSmart Start FREE online survey! Then partner with a LakeSmart service provider to help you accomplish the improvements necessary to earn the LakeSmart award. For more information, visit nhlakes.org/lakesmart.

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