NH Insurance Dept. publishes a newsletter regarding the print and electronic obligations of the supplier directory

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CONCORD, New Hampshire, November 20The New Hampshire Department of Insurance issued the following press release:

New Hampshire Department of Insurance (NHID) Commissioner Christophe Nicolopoulos published a bulletin reminding insurers of their statutory obligations regarding supplier directories, including detailing recent legislative changes that will come into effect January 1, 2022.

All insurers offering or issuing health and dental insurance policies in New Hampshire that include a supplier network are required to maintain an up-to-date and accurate electronic supplier directory for each plan that is publicly available. The electronic directory must include, in plain language, a description of the criteria used by the insurer to build the network for each plan.

The supplier directory should be open and searchable, and include specific professional information for healthcare professionals, hospitals and other medical facilities. The bulletin describes specific requirements for detailed information regarding tiered plans and certain network services. In addition, supplier directories must also include (1) a customer service email and phone number or (2) an electronic link that can be used to notify the insurer of inaccurate supplier directory information. .

“Insurers are required to update their supplier directories at least once a month and must periodically verify the accuracy of their directories,” said Tyler brannen, NHID Director of Life and Health. “Documentation of these verifications must be retained and provided to the Department upon request. ”

“Transparency of healthcare coverage is important to ensure a strong insurance market in Granite State,” NHID Commissioner said Christophe Nicolopoulos. “In the event that NHID becomes aware of a trend of inaccuracy, the department has the power to enforce the law to bring carriers into compliance, including the creation and implementation of action plans for research scope and ultimately resolve reporting gaps. ”

“The importance of accurate directories cannot be overstated,” said Keith nyhan, director of consumer services for NHID. “Consumers who unknowingly receive services from off-grid providers too frequently face higher than expected out-of-pocket fees. »The complete bulletin, INS file number 21-102-AB, can be found at https://www.nh.gov/insurance/media/bulletins/2021/documents/ins-21-102-ab.pdf.

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