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By Wu Siya

LAHORE, May. 21 (Gwadar Pro) – On May 19, the International Solar Energy Meeting (ISEM) was held at Lahore Expo Center in Pakistan. PROJOY Electric Co., Ltd., China’s leading company specializing in providing DC isolator switches, miniature circuit breakers, DC surge protectors, rapid shutdown and smart electricity meters for storage system field of optical energy, participated in the exhibition in collaboration with local partners, which was also the first official appearance of Projoy in Pakistan.

ISEM has two sections, exhibition and summit, providing an ideal communication platform for attendees and attendees, where industry experts, manufacturers, users, etc. come together to dialogue, share knowledge, discuss current challenges and business opportunities, formulate market strategies, and explore solutions together to shape the future of the solar industry.

An official from Projoy told Gwadar Pro in an interview that in this exhibition, Projoy presented classic products such as miniature circuit breaker, electric box, surge protector, etc., especially non-polarized miniature circuit breakers which attracted the attention of clients.

Pakistan is located in the tropics and enjoys excellent lighting conditions, with eight to nine hours of sunshine per day, which means ideal climatic conditions for solar power generation. Moreover, Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world and has a huge demand for electricity. Additionally, Pakistan has strong political support for clean energy development, and Pakistan pledged at the Leaders’ Climate Summit that by 2030, clean energy use will account for 60 %. Therefore, the new energy industry, still in its infancy in Pakistan, has great potential for development. It is estimated that by 2030, Pakistan’s PV installed capacity will reach 12.8 GW, and by 2047, this figure will reach 26.9 GW, providing a large market for the development of the PV industry. Developing solar and wind power generation will enhance Pakistan’s electricity supply security and put Pakistan at the forefront of global energy transition, said Najy Benhassine, Pakistan Country Director for South Asia region at the World Bank.

Entering the Pakistani market, Projoy will provide customers with quality products and services to help local PV projects achieve safe, stable and efficient operation. In an emerging new energy market like Pakistan with huge opportunities, the entry of more new energy companies means getting rid of the predicament of backward energy structure, embracing a greener future and laying a solid foundation. for high quality construction from China. -Economic Corridor of Pakistan.

This article originally appeared on Gwadar Pro.

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