New cast and director attached to ‘The Crow’ reboot

While The crow is a property that has already been adapted multiple times, none of the films has matched the quality of the original 1994 adaptation. As such, fans are eager to see if a new reboot could match the film’s seriousness. original featuring the late actor Brandon Lee. Most recently, actor Jason Momoa was attached to a reboot of the film, but that plan eventually fizzled out. Now it appears that a new reboot is in development, and as a result, a new director and cast are attached to the project.

Producer and rights holder Ed Pressman revealed this while speaking with Indiewireand it looks like the next Raven The project is “currently being developed as a reboot”. While he couldn’t reveal who specifically was involved with the project, he did say updates would be given in the near future.

Here is what was revealed:

“Ed said he and his partners expect to announce a new director and cast in the near future.”

Additionally, Ed Pressman added:

“The Crow is a kind of anti-superhero, unique in the world of graphic novels,” he noted.

It’s certainly interesting to see the project back in development again, especially considering how many false starts the alleged reboot has had in the past. For example, aside from Jason Momoa, there were actually two other stars attached to the movie in the past. This included actors Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans, who were each slated to play the lead role. With such names involved, it will be interesting to see who Ed Pressman has in mind for the next iteration of the project. That said, fans can stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any updates on the project as we have them.

Alex Proyas directed the aforementioned first adaptation of The crow in 1994, which starred the late actor Brandon Lee. He was tragically killed during production while on set, and it’s something that’s been associated with the movie since it first came out.

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