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Ashley Liveoak is the new Executive Director of the Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center in Chilton County.

This is a position she has held since being hired at the end of November 2019.

Since taking over as CEO of the nonprofit, she has begun to formulate some ambitions for the event over the coming year.

One of its main objectives during the first year will be raising awareness and strengthening links between the center and the community.

“A lot of women don’t even know we exist,” Liveoak said. “It’s about letting them know that we are here and that our services are free and confidential.

Another program Liveoak hopes to start in 2020 is called “Calling All Fathers”.

“Right now, it’s just in the brainstorming phase,” Liveoak said.

According to Liveoak, the program aims to reiterate the important roles fathers play in their children’s lives.

“While Care Net is a pregnancy resource center, we also offer coaching to fathers,” Liveoak said. “Often fathers are overlooked, and I think this is a missed opportunity in our community.”

So far in Liveoak’s first two months, Care Net has launched a new website and is in the process of building its annual bottle-feeding campaign, which is the organization’s biggest fundraiser each year.

“We have an [baby bottle] campaign that is going to be rolled out to all churches, businesses or individuals who wish to participate, ”said Liveoak.

Liveoak grew up in Shelby County but currently lives in Clanton with her husband.

“I feel like God has been preparing me for this role for many years now,” Liveoak said. “It’s like every job I’ve had since college prepares me for this.”

She graduated in journalism, but also worked in marketing and budgets.

According to Liveoak, each of these experiences will help her in the tasks required as an executive director.

“I discovered Care Net three years ago when I went to one of their banquets,” Liveoak said. “I had no idea that three years later I would be sitting here. “

This is not the first venture Liveoak has undertaken to help others, as she and her husband are also foster parents.

“Ever since I have been here, everyone I have spoken to has welcomed me with open arms, for which I am very grateful,” said Liveoak.


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