Monark Director Answers 20 Questions Via Reddit AMA; Intriguing and stimulating answers

The Turn-Based JRPG Director monark, Fuyuki Hayashi, participated in an AMA on Reddit in partnership with publisher NIS America. He answered the thread’s 20 most upvoted questions, providing detailed answers offering more insight into his creative process and what players can expect from the game’s full release.

Without spoiling the content of these questions, as they would be best viewed via the archived Reddit thread, I was quite interested in a few of the answers. Perhaps most intriguing to me was when Hayashi was asked by Reddit user eliterun about what influenced his creative work to combat “psychological darkness.”

Exploration of ego and separation from society…could be a pretty accurate analysis.

This may be due to the influence of all the games I’ve played in the past, or it may be the result of the problems I faced at home and at school as a child. Perhaps I became aware of the concepts of “ego exploration” and “separation from society” as a result of the many experiences that were denied to me by my parents and classmates, or the desire I felt to escape my family and the groups to which I belonged. I belonged.

We want players to feel “the pain associated with realizing they’re alive and a sense of freedom that will help them feel more optimistic.”

You can see all the questions Hayashi answered during this AMA via the JRPG subreddit.

monark takes place at Shin Mikado Academy, where the player character has just awakened. The academy lies beyond a barrier separated from the real world and is plagued by a haze that can mentally overwhelm humans. Fortunately, demonic powers reside in this world that can allow humans to survive, and you have just gained the authority of vanity. From there, the player character and four others create the True Studen Council and fight against the Darkness.

The gameplay features a balance between authority and madness where using authority will increase your MAD gauge. At maximum, you will attack enemies and allies. Additionally, players will use six characters with a free-moving combat system. The grounds of the academy can be explored to connect to the Otherworld, which leads to solving mysteries.

monark releases on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via To smoke on February 22, 2022.

If you missed it, check out our impressions of the demo.

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