Media Policy 2020: CIO Akshay Labroo reviews actionable points implementation status

JAMMU, 10 AUGUST: Chief Information Officer, Akshay Labroo, chaired a meeting of senior DIPR officials to review the status of implementation of action items under the Media Policy 2020.

Rough discussions took place on various aspects regarding the effective implementation of the Media Policy 2020 through a detailed action plan.

The following main decisions were taken:

Development of a standard operating procedure for media communication in times of natural disasters, strengthening and institutionalization of the social media cell by pooling young willing employees, periodic training of employees in media and digital communications, development of lines guidelines for starting and institutionalizing the annual Media Awards.

In addition, it has been decided that the Information Directorate’s recruitment rules will be revised to bridge the gap between contemporary needs and the existing pool of employees. The director also instructed the co-divisional directors to initiate the incorporation/de-incorporation process in accordance with due process stipulated in the media policy to encourage sound journalism and reverse plagiarism and irregularities.

Co-Director’s Headquarters, Co-Divisional Directors, Deputy Central Director, Deputy Director Audio Visual, Deputy Director Public Relations, Culture Officer, Jammu, Information Officer(s) and Administrative Officer were present at the meeting.

The Director instructed relevant officials to complete the implementation of the above-mentioned deliverables within a stipulated time frame and to ensure that the functioning of the Information Directorate is effectively governed by the rules stipulated in the Media Policy 2020 and that objective standards are established for dynamic, contemporary activities and healthy multi-sector communication of government with citizens.

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