Maptek invests in K2fly, a leading provider of resource governance solutions

Maptek has announced a strategic investment in Western Australia-based K2fly, which is the leading provider of resource governance solutions for a net positive impact on environmental, social and governance compliance, disclosure and technical assurance (ESG).

K2fly solutions aim to improve transparency, sustainability and performance across a range of metrics such as governance, environmental and community engagement through its platform-based SaaS cloud reporting solutions.

As part of the investment, Maptek Chairman Peter Johnson will join K2fly’s board of directors as a non-executive director.

‘Maptek is very pleased with the opportunity to become a strategic investor in K2fly. We have a long and successful history of providing technical solutions that increase the accuracy, safety and efficiency of decision making for miners,” Johnson said.

“K2fly solutions complement our approach, enabling our customers to interact with all stakeholders including local communities, traditional owners, the investment community, regulators and the environment in an enhanced way.”


“They achieve this by leveraging technology to ensure community ESG and reporting expectations are met, while providing a sustainable platform for improvement.”

“K2fly is the leader in the field of creating and delivering technology solutions to enable this, and sharing our expertise is the perfect way for Maptek to support this effort,” Johnson concluded.

Jenny Cutri, Non-Executive Chairman of K2fly, welcomed Maptek as a strategic investor in K2fly and for Maptek Chairman Peter Johnson to the K2fly Board of Directors.

“Maptek’s investment makes it K2fly’s largest investor and represents significant validation of K2fly’s business and growth prospects by the world’s largest privately held mining software company,” Cutri said.

“On behalf of K2fly and the board, we look forward to working with Peter and Maptek as we continue to grow the K2fly business.”

“Peter’s wealth of knowledge in applying and scaling innovative mining technology solutions into sustainable and profitable businesses will be invaluable to K2fly. Additionally, our solutions are adjacent and there are many opportunities of collaboration,” concluded Cutri.

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