Lead Director Shekhar Kammula comments on ‘Focus’ movie teaser!!

Lead Director Shekhar Kammula comments on ‘Focus’ movie teaser!!

The film is produced by Relax Movie Makers under the auspices of Skyra Creations. Suhasini Mani Ratnam and Bhanuchander star with Vijay Shankar and Bigg Boss Fame Ashureddy as heroines. There has been a good response to the posters that have already been released. Lead director Shekhar Kammula recently released the Focus movie teaser.


On this occasion, Shekhar Kammula said: “We are happy to launch the teaser for ‘Focus’, a film directed by the young team. The teaser was great. Best wishes to hero Vijay Shankar, director Surya Teja and everyone in the film unit.

Hero Vijay Shankar said, “The release of our focus movie teaser at the hands of Shekhar Kammula proved once again that this is the happiest time that always encourages new talent. Suryateja has screened this film with all the elements in a way that appeals to people of all ages in life. We are coming soon before you. I want your support. ”

Director G. Suryateja said, “Growing up watching Shekhar Kammula garu movies, I was very happy to release my first movie teaser. Focus is a diverse suspense thriller. Unlike classic crime thrillers, it has a new twist. It will definitely give you a different experience. Vijay Shankar, Ashureddy, Suhasini, Bhanuchander, Jeeva, Shiaji Shinde, Surya Bhagwan and many other famous artists starred in this movie. Post-production is currently underway. We are preparing the release in the third week of April. ”

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