Joshua Fluke Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy Is The Software Developer?

Joshua Fluke is a software engineer and content creator known for sharing tips on IT, job interviews, lifestyle, and more. He has also earned a reputation as a critic of tech culture, standard hiring processes, LinkedIn and Silicon Valley. As of 2022, Joshua Fluke has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


Fluke was born on July 17, 1990. His father, Michael Fluke, is a mechanical engineer who occasionally appears in his son’s videos. Michael is a major inspiration for the beliefs that Joshua learned to follow.

He is from the United States, but he did his higher education in Finland. He spent seven years in college, progressing from community college to engineering college and finally to a foreign university.

Young Joshua majored in a variety of fields, but he chose one that focused on mechanical engineering. After graduating, he returned to the United States in hopes of launching his career.

Early career

The young graduate landed his first job in Utah after a long period of applications, interviews and rejections. There, Joshua worked as an equipment engineer. However, he did not like the position.

When the company he was working with decided to create a corporate web page, Fluke took a chance. Then, he found his new passion in website and software development.

During his days off from his job as a mechanical engineer, he ended up getting a job as a part-time developer. One day he quit his job and embarked on a career as a programmer. He has been hired by startups and established companies.

YouTube career

Before even focusing on becoming a developer, Joshua was already uploading to his personal YouTube channel. It made its first upload in 2010 and at first it created gaming related content. It quickly diversified its video categories and slowly gained popularity.

He covered health, lifestyle, college, coding tips, and various editing tutorials. Perhaps his most popular topic is how to land your dream job. He also launched a website relating to it. It’s called GrindReel.Academy, which offers both paid and free courses.

Joshua has also become known for his outspoken criticisms of corporate work environments. Some of his most controversial videos are those claiming that LinkedIn is not a trustworthy website. These types of videos have helped him gain over 504,000 subscribers.

Net worth and earnings

Joshua Fluke’s YouTube channel is estimated to generate about $40,000 a year from advertising revenue. Other aspects of his social media ventures, such as sponsorship deals and affiliate marketing, have an undisclosed figure. Moreover, he wins as a developer.

As for its online courses, Fluke currently offers eight courses on its website. Five of them are paid and the others are free. However, it is also unclear how much Joshua makes annually. Still, $500,000 is a reasonable estimate of his net worth.

Private life

Joshua Fluke is currently dating an Anonymous HR employee, which shocked many of his viewers, given that he is not a fan of many business systems. Still, the two seem to have a healthy relationship. In the past, Joshua was married to a Finnish girl when he was 20, but divorced when he was 24.

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