GoodRx Announces Provider Mode, an Innovative Experience Designed Specifically for Healthcare Providers

Provider Mode aims to ease the administrative burden on healthcare providers and staff by giving them tools that promote access and affordability

SANTA MONICA, Calif., October 13, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GoodRx (Nasdaq: GDRX), a leading consumer-focused digital healthcare platform, today announced the launch of Provider Mode, a new experience specifically designed for healthcare providers (HCPs) to help them find affordable solutions for the medications they prescribe. Designed by GoodRx’s own team of healthcare professionals as well as external healthcare provider focus groups, Provider Mode offers custom tools designed to help healthcare professionals and office staff support patients throughout their healthcare journey.

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Vendor Mode was created to help the thousands of vendors who already use GoodRx ease the administrative burden they face. Since June 2021, more than 850,000 prescribers have used GoodRx to research drug prices, prescription discounts, and trusted health information on behalf of their patients. Additionally, the broader GoodRx for Providers offering has seen nearly 90% uptake since its launch last December, putting it on track to become one of the largest provider platforms in the states. -United.

With a net promoter score (NPS) of 90 among healthcare providers, GoodRx has already established the value it can bring to the HCP community, and is now further reinventing the way patients and healthcare providers health can interact with the health system on the GoodRx platform.

“For more than a decade, consumers and providers have used GoodRx to find information and savings on their medications, but what we’ve learned is that they use GoodRx in different ways,” said Doug Hirsch. , co-CEO and co-founder. from GoodRx. “Our new Provider Mode experience makes it faster and easier for healthcare professionals to find savings for patients, helping them achieve better patient outcomes.”

Provider Mode offers a prescription savings flow designed with the provider in mind, providing a faster, more personalized experience that enables providers and office staff to find the information and tools they need in the moment. Providers are already running out of bandwidth; the American Medical Association estimates that they spend 15 hours a week trying to provide access to drugs for their patients. Quick access to prescription time-saving tools allows healthcare professionals to spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on patient care.

Suppliers and their staff can access Supplier Mode via the web or mobile browser, register quickly and easily, and access unique features such as:

  • Compare costs: Allows providers to easily compare drug prices across drug classes as well as pharmacies and zip codes. Helps providers make cost-effective prescribing decisions that will help their patients start and stay on treatment, whether they’re uninsured, underinsured, or fully insured.

  • Dashboard: Providers can quickly find frequently prescribed medications and specialty-specific resources, and replicate their most popular searches, saving time on repeated, manual searches.

  • Faster savings: Providers can send GoodRx coupons directly to their patients, without sharing a personal email address or phone number with the recipient, to help them save on their prescribed medications.

  • News : GoodRx Health’s industry-relevant, personalized news and content provides providers with trusted content on common health issues, financial advice and basic medication questions, written by doctors, pharmacists and experts of health.

  • Savings programs: Find information and advice on available brand name drug savings programs. Will soon offer the ability to interact with pharmaceutical representatives, medical science liaisons, and key opinion leaders so providers can help their patients learn about, start, and stay on their prescribed therapies.

“Healthcare professionals have an incredible need for time-saving tools that minimize the administrative burden we face,” said Preeti Parikh, MD, executive medical director at GoodRx. “Doctors want to spend more hours of our day seeing and helping patients, without doing paperwork, and the Provider Mode experience is designed to help us do just that. It puts the costs, savings, and health care information at your fingertips so we can better support our patients at the point of care and ensure they receive the treatment they need.”

Supplier mode also provides an innovative platform for GoodRx’s Pharma Manufacturer Solutions business that will allow it to process an even larger portion of the $30 billion spent annually on pharmaceutical marketing. Providers consult GoodRx at the time of prescription to help their patients address access and affordability challenges, enabling manufacturers to reach large, high-intent audiences at key points in the provider and patient journey . Strategic relationships within supplier mode allow suppliers to develop smarter relationships with manufacturers so they can get the information and resources they need.

GoodRx today announced a collaboration with Biogen that aims to improve the patient and healthcare provider (HCP) experience when launching a new specialty therapy. Healthcare professionals who have decided to start patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS) on VUMERITY® (diroximel fumarate) can now find the enrollment form and submit it to the specialty center via provider mode . Similarly, GoodRx recently announced that it is working on developing an integration with RxVantage, which will provide providers the ability to communicate with more than 70,000 pharmaceutical representatives in Provider Mode to get answers to questions about new therapies, brand resources and patient assistance programs. Additionally, through planned integration with AssistRx’s iAssist platform, providers will be able to find real-time information about a patient’s insurance coverage, transparent pricing, affordability support, and all details needed to streamline the pre-clearance process, which can be lengthy and lead to processing delays. Integration with Biogen is live now, and integrations with RxVantage and AssistRx are coming soon.

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