Global data aggregator and infrastructure provider BlockchainSpace share measures to ensure guild resilience

Web3 introduced a new way of doing business and transformed into guilds. As guilds evolve, they begin to play a bigger role in the space by investing in NFT projects, driving mainstream crypto adoption, and lowering barriers to entry, helping to the bright future of web3.

BlockchainSpace (BSPC), the leading data aggregator and infrastructure provider for guilds and Web3 projects, believes there are opportunities for guilds to withstand the impact of the bear market while continuing to evolve in the metaverse. .

“Growth is crucial for the success and survival of a business, because it generates better performance and more profits. The same goes for gaming guilds to win,” said Peter Ing, Managing Director and Founder of BSPC. “Guilds will play a vital role in the adoption of Web3 and it starts in the gaming sector. Big names with huge playerbases have already expressed interest in entering this industry, so growth is inevitable and it’s just a matter of supporting your guild through these tough times at this point.

Ing pointed out that the journey to building a successful business or guild requires overcoming obstacles, some of which materialize during the bear market, such as dwindling scholars, declining income, and owner fatigue. To help guilds survive and thrive in the blockchain gaming space despite the unpredictability, Ing shared her top tips to keep in mind:

Community Rally Support

Even though guilds have their own communities, it is essential for them to branch out and build relationships with other innovators, thought leaders and other guild members in the industry to receive support and share the best practice.

In the bear market where guidance and encouragement from others is needed to overcome challenges caused by market conditions, BSPC has partnered with local guild YGG, one of the largest guilds in the space, to organize the Philippine Web3 Festival in hopes that the event will serve as the avenue where guilds and other community members can find a supportive ecosystem to help them thrive in the metaverse.

Prioritize scholars

Scholars are what makes a guild, and retaining them has a significant impact on its survival. However, based on aggregated data from over 24,000 guilds and 2 million players, BSPC has found that various guilds face academic challenges unique to the size of their community.

For example, macro guilds struggle to find talent and scholars, which limits the opportunities they can maximize. Ing suggests being proactive and branching out, as this will help connect a guild to players with potential and talent who could provide several opportunities.

On the other hand, mid-sized guilds struggle to keep up with what’s going on with their scholars, leading to low scholar retention. Fortunately, there are tools that automate procedures for easier guild management, like BSPC’s Discord Bot.

The bot primarily monitors and aggregates real-time data for game stats and token prices, and provides information on a guild’s earnings. With the Guild Bot, users can also apply for a Guild Scholarship, process scholarship applications, and get insights into key guild revenue and performance statistics.

Finally, small guilds made up of casual crypto users often have issues with their community’s performance due to a lack of training. It may be advisable to promote certain scholars to leadership positions to help train other members, thus enhancing the stability and morale of the guild.

Reevaluate game strategies

Guilds built for the long term need to know how to lay the foundations for future success, which requires evaluating overall performance and finding ways to improve strategies. A good way to start is to compare a guild’s performance with that of its competitors in a specific region or across the world, identify what isn’t working and improve what is working, and adjust the strategies and objectives if necessary.

Ing shared that the BSPC Global Guild Database is the perfect tool for this purpose. Through this one-page report, guild owners and managers can access information on overall guild data, performance by region, and the top five guilds by number of members by region.

“There is an opportunity in every situation, and these trying times are no exception,” Ing remarked. “As metaverse-native businesses, gaming guilds are sensitive to cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Unpredictability comes with territory – every guild that wants to last must anticipate disruptions and be prepared once they occur. With the right game plan, Ing expressed optimism that guilds will thrive in the highs and brave the lows.

Ing also hinted at BSPC’s plans to support more guilds in addition to community involvement to develop the space. “The more you participate in the interaction with games, applications, web3 projects to develop the space, it will build a reputation story for the guilds, which is what future customers will seek. We are building the platform for you Prove it, not all guilds are created equal and credibility will be key.

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