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Finance Committee talks about a new director

Posted 1:10 p.m. Thursday, September 15, 2022

The unexpected retirement of Claiborne’s chief financial officer, Sue Tuttle, prompted the county government to find a suitable replacement ahead of its final farewell in mid-November.

Tuttle says she looks forward to the second phase of her life as she enjoys the fruits of steady employment – including 26 years in county government.

“I started working when I was 18 and never drew an unemployment check,” Tuttle said of his work history. “I will be 62 in January. It’s time to retire.

Tuttle was deeply entrenched in the financial affairs of Claiborne Road Department in 2010 when the new county finance department was opened. Tuttle walked up the street to the new office without a hitch.

When former CFO Angelia Tucker retired, Tuttle took on the leadership role, transferring her decades of expertise to head the department.

The finance committee has about two months to find a replacement and brief them. The heat is on as the committee tackled 12 CVs of prospects who managed to throw their hats into the ring before the September 14 deadline. Literally an hour after the close, committee members were going through resumes and discussing the education, experience and other qualifications of the 12 candidates for the position. Five “maybe” have been chosen from the pile. These five people will be contacted to set up an hour-long interview during the two-day process scheduled for September 28-29.

The finalists, in alphabetical order, are Devon M. Carter, Rebecca Combs, Verna Davis, Steven Kyle and Eric Pearson.

The committee spent some time debating salary. They agreed to set it between $60,000 and $70,000 to start with, with the option to negotiate in the next budget year. This way, the salary of $70,000 budgeted for the current fiscal year will be achieved.

County Mayor Joe Brooks has suggested implementing periodic job performance reviews for the first year of employment, possibly in three to six month increments.

A background check, prior to hiring, will also be requested.

The committee is responsible for submitting questions for the interview process. Each member will propose a question that reflects their professional position regarding county finances. For example, Dr. Linda Keck, who is the principal of the schools, will ask a question or two relating to the school’s finances.

The seven “best” questions will be used in interviews with each candidate receiving the same.

At the end of the meeting, Brooks was tasked with contacting each of the five candidates with the details and setting meeting times for each who is willing to proceed with the process.

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