Exclusive Interview with Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director of ReBrand Gurus

Exclusive Interview with Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director of ReBrand Gurus

Manan Sharma Vashisht uses artificial intelligence for customer relations

Customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for organizations to effectively drive customer engagement in this competitive market. The global CRM market is expected to reach US$128.07 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 12.1%. There are several key players and software in the global customer relationship management market leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence for automation.

Here is an exclusive interview with Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder and Director of Renaming Guruswho explained the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) for business by leveraging artificial intelligence.

1. With what mission and objective was the company created, tell us about your journey since the creation of the company?

The first objective has always been to retain customers. While getting new ones is always an incentive, priorities lean towards building a good relationship with them. The objective is to train employees to go beyond the expected objectives.

The business started just as the pandemic hit, and the team realized how well working from the home system had worked. Thus, it was definitely planned to give the best of houses to reduce operating costs and optimize workflow.

ReBrand Gurus isn’t just any marketing agency – it tries to work with the client’s vision rather than following traditional marketing steps. When the team understands clients’ needs and requirements, they can develop a personalized plan to help them on their journey. He also wants to move away from the marketing partner label and create a niche as a service delivery partner who walks with the customer every step of the way.

Management is excited to reveal what the next project is, but the team has been hard at work building a new project.

2. Tell us about the company’s proactive founder and CEO and his contribution to the company and the industry.

I’ve compiled about 20 years of industry experience now, and worked from the bottom up to the top, which gives me a unique perspective on all stages of the job. I started in a BPO where I dedicated 11 years of my life to this line of work. I realized that old-fashioned, traditional marketing methods didn’t work, and I was never one to follow them. All the BPOs, SLAs and KRAs I worked on prepared me for my current job. I now lead large teams at large companies and all my time working for others has helped me understand how to work at all micro levels.

I also want to make sure the business isn’t just a business. It’s because it’s so much more: the brand is an environment and a culture. I know I’ve done something right when customers beam with joy from the services and employees go home after a long day at work with a smile on their faces.

3. Can you mention some of the main challenges the company has faced so far?

One of the challenges is aligning business needs and business vision with employees. And the other challenge is making sure that the team understands the customers’ needs and matches them to a T. Sometimes pricing the product right is a bit of a challenge because customers don’t understand that side of the equation. ‘industry.

Of course, the industry is a competitive world. The team rises above the competition by delivering quality work and meeting turnaround times. He never once failed on deliverables. That’s why there are customer testimonials. The biggest and most visible metric was Google Rankings and Ratings, which kept growing. The team has had no employee changes for the past eight to nine months and continues to successfully hire longer term employees.

4. What is your biggest USP that differentiates you from your competition?

The biggest USP is that every client has a project manager. Thus, no project is without a project manager. The team does not claim to be the best at what it does, but claims to ensure that we achieve what the client wants to achieve. So it works hand in hand with customers. The second biggest USP is that the company does not hire heavy industry workers. Instead, management hires people from colleges, people with only one or two years of experience, and then grooms train them to be the best, a rare trait in the industry.

5. Tell us about the products, services and solutions you offer your customers and how they get value from them?

The team does a lot of digital marketing and rebranding. There is digital branding as well as a significant amount of website development. The team focuses on many ERP and CRM developments, mobile applications, etc. It not only provides customers with a service or a product, but also a solution-based product based on ROI. Customers from all walks of life come to us. He doesn’t just deliver their product, but makes sure they make money from it. The team not only does the work, but helps them generate business and leads. The use of AI is also strong in business and can be found in every corner of the professional profile. However, no system is used entirely for one project as there is a fusion of each project to achieve the best results.

6. What is your leadership mantra?

It’s very simple: make customers and employees smile. That’s it. I want my team to smile all the time and I want my clients to smile all the time. That’s what the team is trying to do. Then, the company creates values.

7. Why are organizations using IoT, analytics, big data in AI and ML?

The reason is very simple. The team also relies on a lot of artificial intelligence and big data. He wants to automate systems and be infallible and robust. Of course, the team also wants the systems to rely less on manual operations. This then gives the business more value to generate more value-added services rather than doing the manual labor on the ground which takes a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of effort. The chances of making mistakes and mistakes increase dramatically in a manual environment. All things about creating a more user-friendly, more robust, and long-term, very economical environment.

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