Disney’s ‘Merlin’ finds new director in Michael Matthews



It has been announced that the next Disney film Merlin has found his new manager after Ridley Scott resigned from his post due to conflicting schedules.

Michael Matthews, director of the hit film Love and monsters (2020) which starred Dylan O’Brien, will reprise the role of Scott for the remainder of Merlinthe production. Matthews, who also directed Five fingers for Marseille (2017) and Apocalypse now now (2017) has extensive experience in making adventure and thriller films. Other members of Matthews’ team include producer Gil Netter and writer Chris Weitz.

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Merlin will be an adaptation of Merlin’s novels written by TA Barron and much like Disney’s other novel adaptation Percy Jackson, will follow the first book in the series titled The Lost Years.

Learn more about Merlin: The Lost Years

Author TA Barron’s novel website describes Merlin’s novel Lost Years as:

The saga begins …

Raging seas cast a boy on the shores of ancient Wales. Left for dead, he has no memory, no name, no house. But it is his determination to find out who he is, to know the truth about his mysterious powers, that leads him to a strange and enchanted land. And it is there that he discovers that the destiny of this land and his personal quest are strangely linked.

Merlin: Cover of the Lost Years
Credit: TA Barron

The author of Merlin’s novels, TA Barron, received a copy of the screenplay from Merlin disney movie. Barron took to Twitter to share the news with fans:

Today the script arrived for the #Disney film based on the #Merlin Saga. It is really fabulous! Yes, even magical. All I can say is I’m thrilled with what screenwriter Philippa Boyens did to bring this story to the big screen. And I’m sure Merlin himself feels the same! pic.twitter.com/jHoOyRCnKp

While still in the early stages of its development, Merlin has yet to receive an official release date or synopsis from Disney. More information about the film is expected to be released soon.

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