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Webster County Public Health Department Director Kari Prescott has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations of a hostile work environment, financial improprieties and irregularities in the documentation.

“At this point, these are only allegations and concerns uncovered during an initial internal investigation, but the health board has determined that these matters warrant further investigation,” said Webster County District Attorney Darren Driscoll.

According to Driscoll, Prescott was placed on leave following a meeting of the Webster County Board of Health on Thursday. The decision to hold a meeting to consider placing Prescott on immediate leave was made minutes before the meeting to “preserve records in their current state”, said Driscoll.

He said the initial internal investigation into Prescott was sparked by a letter of resignation filed May 2 by WCHD Family Planning Clinic provider Dr. Kelli Wallace.

“I was part of many different types of medical practices and got along well,” Wallace wrote in his resignation letter. “However, I have never been part of such an organization that does not show consistent respect and professionalism.”

Driscoll said the allegations had been investigated over the past few weeks and information presented to the health board, which led to the decision to place Prescott on administrative leave. He said she would remain on leave until a full investigation was completed.

“Prescott is not deemed to have committed any of these alleged offenses at this time, pending the outcome of further investigation,” said Driscoll.

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