Dick’s Sporting Goods sees success with e-commerce software internalization – Multichannel Merchant


Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to push for the internalization of its e-commerce software, following a lead made by its CIO during his time at Home Depot, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

“In many retail businesses there is a tradition that tools were designed at headquarters and inflicted in the store. [employees]”IT director Paul Gaffney told the WSJ.” We tried to turn the tide. “

A technology overhaul started three years ago has allowed Dick’s to offer new products related to events such as league championships or major player trades in 30 minutes, which previously took three to five days, said Gaffney.

In another key overhaul initiative, Dick’s has moved from centralized e-commerce execution to regional east and west coast operations, improving its supply chain to expedite deliveries and test pickup bins.

New in-house inventory management software was rolled out last fall at Dick’s, according to WSJ, providing real-time product information and inventory availability and giving customers alternative product recommendations.

The company’s e-commerce sales grew 17% in the last quarter, accounting for around 20% of its overall revenue.

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