Death care provider goes beyond caskets and memorial services

As Filipinos visit the final resting place of their deceased loved ones, feelings of nostalgia, grief and sadness can increase.

For Forest Lake, a death care provider in the Philippines, emotional healing is an integral part of dealing with loss. Death care is not limited to coffins and memorial services, and death care providers have the power to challenge stigma and change perspectives on bereavement.

“It’s not enough for death care providers to only offer caskets and services – we must also foster a caring and holistic experience for those who are grieving, as well as pave the way for a more sympathetic society. Help people to understand grief is one of the ways we can start this movement,” said Alby Xerez-Burgos, General Manager of Forest Lake Chapel Sales, Marketing, Operations and Services.

In June 2020, the company launched the Creating Better Days webinar series which not only aims to provide emotional support, but also to break the stigma around grief and coping with loss. Since then, the company has hosted six webinars.

Titled “Creating Better Days Webinar Series,” the three-part series began on September 24 and will end on November 26. Creating Better Days is available to all Filipinos and takes place online via Zoom for free.

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The first session of 2022 was led by Charity Marohombsar, renowned end-of-life doula and internationally certified bereavement counsellor. Atma Prema founder Dr. Lia Bernardo and bereaved TV actress Marissa Sanchez also joined her.

Hosted by Christine Babao, the webinar titled “The Anatomy of Grief” discussed how grief affects physical, emotional and mental health, broken heart syndrome, as well as tips on how to move on from before after a loss.

“We never really move forward. We move forward with them,” Marohombsar said. The life doula also pointed out that we grieve as much as we love the person we lost, and grief is an expression of that love.

Charity and Dr. Lia returned for the second session titled “Surviving Death: The Healing Power of Self-Love During Grief” on October 22 at 10 a.m. guest.

Those interested can join the webinar for free via this Zoom link.

Visit the Forest Lake website, Facebook page and Instagram for more information.

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