Days Gone director gives details on ill-fated sequel

Days Gone is an anomaly in Sony’s proprietary titles because it met relatively lukewarm reviews and had no follow-up. However, he still has his fans clamoring for a follow-up that will likely never come. Game director Jeff Ross recently gave more details about the unfortunate Days Gone 2 speaking of which direction the team wanted to go, what kind of gameplay advancements they would have had, and more.

Ross spoke of the theoretical sequence of USA today and how that could have been the “final version” of the game. He made comparisons with Unexplored and the Batman: arkham series where they got more complicated and streamlined (for the most part) with each release. Days Gone was meant to be a foundation upon which sequels could eventually build.

“First matches – Batman: arkham, the first one Unexplored – are basic, ”he said. “They are a platform to build on for the following titles. And if you watch a game like Unexplored, you could swim on the surface in the first game. In the second or third game, you could go underwater. Then in the fourth game you dive underwater. They didn’t start with scuba diving, they evolved into it. This applies to every game. Horizon forbidden to the west will swim underwater. There will be all the things they probably wanted to do in Game 1, but they ran out of time. So you create the minimum viable entry and then hope to be able to build the second. Because you’re not arguing over the foundations, you’re arguing over the epic new ideas you’re going to put there.

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Speaking of swimming, protagonist Deacon St. John was supposed to be able to swim in the sequel, a decent improvement considering that around 75% of self-inflicted deaths (i.e. when the player has self-inflicted) committed suicide) came from the drowning. But that was only going to be one of the improvements, as Ross wanted better AI across the board as well, to give St. John some of the abandoned government weapons and reduce Instant Fail stealth missions and combat fights. bad bosses who tormented the original. All of these build on what Bend Studio has already created and are other systems that could add to the depth of the game.

“I was really looking forward to building on this,” he said. “I would add more systems. The systems are very simple. And if they are simple, they can be stylish and very rich for the player. I knew adding an extra layer or two to the systemic elements would have been something we could have figured out, it would have led to a ton of richness for players and a ton of unique open world moments and responses that we have never seen it before. Let’s dive deep and do something even more epic.

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But that doesn’t just apply to the gameplay as Ross has explained how the narrative is meant to continue from the first game. He wanted to explore how Deacon and Sarah’s marriage would work in the context of the apocalypse and said they were together, “but maybe they’re not happy.” Although he didn’t give much more detail, he said he would have kept the emphasis on a “heavy and strong narrative.”

Even though Ross left Bend in late 2020, he’s been pretty loud about Days Gone and Bend’s other failed throws. He recently said the team has launched an open world Resistance game and a The siphon filter restart at Sony, the latter of which he noted was just to keep the developer busy until a better pitch came up. He started making more headlines as he claims this Days Gone sold 8 million copies on PS4, a figure he got from a now defunct Gamestat site that tracks trophies. However, counting the trophies would also mean that it would apply to those who got the game through PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, the Instant Game Collection on PlayStation 5, rentals and used sales, which means 8 million is probably not the most precise estimate. . However, he said he sticks to his numbers.

Bend, on the other hand, is now making a mysterious new IP address that is “very, very passionate about. “This title will also be based on the systems developed by the studio in Days Gone.

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