Code42 Software integrates its IRM solutions to accelerate response to risky employee behaviors

Code42 Software has launched a new integration between its two IRM solutions – Instructor and Incydr – to accelerate and scale instant response to risky employee behaviors.

The new feature allows security, compliance, and training teams to send corrective lessons triggered by employee actions that create risk to the business.

For example, when the Code42 Incydr product reports a file move to an untrusted location, such as an unauthorized cloud application, a Code42 Instructor micro-learning solution video specifically explaining the correct activity is sent to educate the employee. in real time.

By using Instructor in tandem with Incydr to deliver responsive lessons, security professionals are able to notify users of security errors as they occur.

Template-based communications and the ability to send within Incydr allows analysts to scale and save time when dealing with low and moderate alerts, which are often accidental and where the education is the appropriate response.

With this approach, security teams can spend more time on higher-severity events that pose increased risk to the business while providing a hands-on human experience for their colleagues.

“Just because the vast majority of Insider Risk events are accidental doesn’t mean they won’t impact the business or require remediation. The trick is to react quickly and contextually, without overwhelming your security team. This is the exact reason why we created Instructor Risk Mitigation Trainings and incorporated them as a key response control implemented by Incydr,” said Dave CapuanoSenior Vice President of Product Management at Code42.

“We know that employee training is an essential, and often overlooked, part of holistic insider risk management programs. Delivering instructor courses through Incydr reduces risk in two complementary ways: (1) the majority of employees immediately correct any action they took to trigger the video; and (2) because you gave contextual information, they are more likely to understand why their action was risky, preventing future risky behaviors and reducing data risk events over time,” Capuano concluded. .

Together, Incydr and Instructor enable security teams to manage the dynamic nature of insider risk – which includes prioritizing and responding appropriately to the most significant risks.

While Incydr surfaces key insider risk indicators and collects detailed security intelligence on file movements to trusted and untrusted locations, Instructor provides a one-click personalized response to the majority of insider risk events. ‘initiated.

According to a 2021 survey by Code42 and CyberSecurity Insiders, 71% of security managers said they were most concerned about a crash [negligent or accidental] data leak.

And they are right to worry: insider risk is everywhere and can represent a loss of up to 20% of annual turnover. At a time when employees are exposed to an average of 13 data exposure events per user per day, security teams need scalable solutions focused on contextual education.

Additional offer details:

  • Integrated with Incydr: Send relevant instructor lessons directly from user profiles and alerts.
  • Referenced Lesson Activity: Keep track of who received which instructor lessons so you have a record of activity to inform your future training strategy.
  • Email Delivery: Send instructor lessons directly to users via email, allowing them to watch and learn quickly.
  • Communication templates: Use pre-made email templates to communicate class assignments to users or customize them to fit your business.

Learn more about Code42’s insider risk management offering

Instructor: Not a one-size-fits-all approach

The instructor enhances awareness of insider risks by focusing on creating holistic safety-focused cultures. The solution delivers actionable, hyper-targeted, and succinct lessons to end users when they need them most, helping to change security behavior in the long term.

The Instructor solution helps organizations rapidly scale their insider risk management programs by embedding data-driven insider risk behavioral guidance for end users.

The instructor offers three types of lessons:

  • Proactive lessons
  • Situational lessons
  • Reactive courses

Incydr: data security product for exfiltration

Incydr is an insider risk management solution that provides the visibility, context, and controls needed to stop data leakage and IP theft.

Organizations use Incydr to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration from corporate IT, cloud and email systems.

It deploys in hours so security teams can address significant business risks in days and adopt the secure work habits needed to reduce the frequency with which employees put data at risk in the future.

The importance of an adapted response for the management of internal risks

The Code42 Tailored Response Methodology – a philosophy based on the principle that every organization has a different risk tolerance – helps security teams detect and respond quickly and effectively when employees put company data at risk.

By aligning security teams’ responses to employee risky behaviors with the organization’s risk tolerance, Code42 helps reduce alert fatigue and improve the scalability of automated responses.

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