Cequence Security partners with Software AG to help organizations protect their APIs

Cequence Security has announced a strategic partnership with Software AG, the software pioneer for a truly connected world.

API Security Platform’s integration with Software AG’s webMethods Gateway will establish an end-to-end API security solution for enterprise security teams.

“Our goal has always been to enable our customers to become truly connected and secure enterprises,” said Jason Johns, Global Channels and Alliances Manager, Software AG. “We’ve been doing this for over 50 years, but the era of digital transformation caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the market need for a solution that protects against attacks targeting API vulnerabilities, attempts to fraud or access to sensitive information. Our partnership with Cequence Security will provide that robust API security protection that the industry has been missing.

APIs are now the cornerstone of applications, allowing organizations to adopt a more iterative development methodology where applications are released and updated more frequently. Software AG’s WebMethods gateway allows customers to centrally manage their APIs, enforce access control, and avoid volumetric traffic spikes. The Cequence API Security Platform complements and extends the capabilities of webMethods with holistic API attack surface discovery, abuse and attack detection and is the only solution available that natively mitigates API attacks in real time.

Historically, organizations have relied on their perimeter security services to protect their APIs. This trend has changed: more than 80% of attacks blocked by Cequence Security between July and December 2021 were against APIs. This integration will give security teams more visibility into the use of security features available as part of the webMethods gateway, and more insight into queries targeting their APIs, allowing them to find and stop threats before they do not affect the company.

“We are excited to partner with Cequence Security to better address the growing need for enhanced API security in today’s digital business climate. Their comprehensive API security platform combines visibility and risk assessment to protect and prevent sophisticated attacks. With API management capabilities from Software AG, our new partnership with Cequence Security will help organizations discover and better protect their APIs against all types of threats. – Suraj Kumar, Managing Director API, Integration and Microservices, Software AG.

“Research has shown a drastic increase in data breaches and targeted API attacks over the past year, and our mission is to give businesses one easy button for all things API security through strategic integrations,” said Larry Link, President and CEO of Security Sequence. “We are excited to partner with Software AG to expand their capabilities and fulfill our dual mission of enabling businesses to successfully increase revenue without fear of API attacks.”

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