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At an emergency meeting of the Good Finance, held in connection with the spread of coronavirus, MPs passed a law on interest on credit in the country for the period of quarantine.

According to this decree, fines and penalties for overdue loans are canceled for a while, because many people were forced to go on vacation due to the aggravated situation with the epidemic, while others completely lost their livelihoods.

For example, businessmen, owners of catering establishments, entertainment centers, clubs, travel agencies, carriers. Ultimately, this will affect every Ukrainian.

It seems that in this situation, everyone lost, except for manufacturers of masks and antiseptics for hands. Therefore, it will be relevant to understand what the newly adopted law on fines and late interest on loans indicates, how much you can not pay a fine for an overdue loan and other important points.

Law of the country on the abolition of fines and penalties on loans


On March 17, 2020, the government adopted the Law on the abolition of fines on loans, which is valid from March 1 to April 30 of the current year. In the Law of the country “On consumer lending” (Vedomosti of the Supreme Council (BBC), 2017, No. 1, Art. 2) appropriate amendments have been made.

Thus, banks and financial companies are required to temporarily abolish fines and penalties for loans in case of non-compliance by the borrower with contractual obligations.

For an ordinary person, the canceled penalties for non-payment of a loan is extremely good news. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the abolition of fines and penalties for late credit is a temporary order.

In addition, the law does not abolish the calculation of the obligatory monthly or daily payment stipulated by the loan agreement and does not provide for the cancellation of existing loans.

It is important not to forget about another important point – credit history. A positive credit history is an opportunity in the future to turn to any financial company and get a loan without difficulty. Even under quarantine, it is important to comply with the rules of the loan agreement and maintain payment discipline.

Credit conditions during the period of the coronavirus epidemic


In the indicated period, the loan conditions will not change, except for the above innovation. Banking structures and MFIs promise to work normally.

However, it is not advisable to go to public and crowded places under quarantine, therefore it will be more efficient to choose remote financing (without visiting branches). So, in the online lending service Mr. Bumble any adult Ukrainian can take out a loan on the following conditions:

  • The first loan is up to USD 6,000, and the subsequent ones allow you to increase the limit to 12 thousand. Also, regular customers become participants in the loyalty program, which provides for mandatory discounts, promotions, special offers and regular draws;
  • An instant loan without a penalty can be taken for a period of 1-30 days. There is also a free opportunity to extend the contract if you can’t make a payment. This service is called prolongation. It can be repeated an unlimited number of times;
  • If under normal conditions the daily interest on the loan was 1.1% plus the daily rate of 1.6%, now the penalty and late payment interest are canceled. The standard rate is applicable – 1.6%;
  • Loans are issued under two documents – a civil passport and TIN, the data of which are filled in the applicant’s application form. Thus, the requirements of certificates, guarantors, collateral are excluded. Students, unemployed, people with an unstable income, pensioners and people with a bad credit history can apply. Approval statistics are 9/10.

How to repay a loan without fines?


For the convenience of users, provides an opportunity to repay a loan without penalty in three possible ways:

  • At the box office of partner banks;
  • In self-service terminals;
  • Through the Internet.

Obviously, paying off debt is more convenient and safer (with current realities) online. The procedure for making funds via the Internet is extremely simple:

  • Enter the client’s personal account on the company’s website;
  • Choose the “Pay off” column in the “My credits” tab;
  • To clarify, pay the full debt or only interest;
  • Enter bank card details (16-digit number, expiration date, CVV-code);
  • Confirm the operation with consent.

You can find out the balance of the debt through the user account without leaving the apartment. You can also remotely order additional services (eg, prolongation).

As you can see, lenders meet borrowers by abolishing fines for non-payment of loans.

But you should remain a respectable person and settle accounts, if there is such an opportunity for its part, provided full remote access to the service so that people did not violate quarantine and stay at home, managing affairs remotely.

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Car loan. Get a loan to buy a new and used used car, car repair /car-loan-get-a-loan-to-buy-a-new-and-used-used-car-car-repair/ /car-loan-get-a-loan-to-buy-a-new-and-used-used-car-car-repair/#respond Wed, 08 Apr 2020 08:35:09 +0000 /car-loan-get-a-loan-to-buy-a-new-and-used-used-car-car-repair/

Car loans have become commonplace in Ukraine and this is not surprising, because buying a car is fraught with serious expenses and the family budget often transfers it rather painfully.

But at the same time, the car greatly facilitates life, is often necessary at work and is a good investment. The need for a personal vehicle ensures the popularity of such services as consumer credit for cars.

Purchase of related equipment and accessories


Buying a car is not the only waste that a new owner has to face, since even primary maintenance is expensive, and if you add to this the cost of fuel, the purchase of related equipment and accessories, and auto insurance, buying even the simplest vehicle seems absolutely impossible.

But everything is not so scary: now many banks and car dealerships offer adequate credit conditions and getting money on credit for cars is becoming quite simple.

But if you suddenly don’t fit into the planned amount or didn’t take into account some nuances, Good Finance comes to your aid, because you can get a loan from us for the amount that will come in handy when repairing, buying related gadgets and accessories.

The best loans for motorists from Good Finance


We understand that in many cases a machine is a real necessity. There are many situations in life when taking a loan to buy a new and used car is the only possible solution.

For instance:

  • You got a job that requires a personal vehicle.
  • You have been promoted and now you need a more prestigious car to confirm your status.
  • You are an avid motorist and suddenly lost your car.
  • Family life requires a more flexible schedule, you need to transport children to schools and sections, and keep up with their affairs
  • You have moved to a big city and want to keep up with your business

The reasons can be the most diverse, we understand that life sometimes sets its own conditions and are ready to offer a solution to your problem.

You can apply for a profitable car loan in Ukraine at any bank or car dealership, and in Good Finance you can get the amount for additional expenses in less than 15 minutes without the hassle and bureaucratic red tape! As a rule, it is banks that offer the most favorable loans for cars, and not official dealerships.

The requirements for taking a loan are minimal, get it if you:

  • Over 18 years old. But you can drive a car under the laws of our country after 18, so there can be no inconvenience!
  • Citizen of Ukraine. To get the money you will also need a Ukrainian bank card, therefore, if you need to take a loan for a car in Kiev and Kharkov or other cities of Ukraine – there will be no problems!

We also understand that formal employment is not always possible, especially for young people who work as well as others and have the right to buy a car.

Considering that many banks give out a loan for a car without a statement of income, we offer a solution to current problems: a loan to repair a car for tuning it can be obtained from us without documents confirming your employment.

The first loan amount in Good Finance is 6,000 USD, this is not a loan for the purchase of a car, but this amount will be enough for the expenses associated with the purchase.

Therefore, if you do not have enough funds to buy a used car with mileage or not enough funds to buy a new one, then you can apply for a loan online within 15 minutes.

For full payment of the cost of the car, you will need to contact the bank with the appropriate application, and with us you can get a loan for a car without income statement if you do not have the required amount at the time of purchase. Situations are different: last-minute offer, tight deadlines or you need money for the initial tuning of a car.

An express loan for a used car is an excellent solution, since modern automotive industry uses an extremely reliable security system, and to be sure of your own security, you need to reprogram smart keys and a locking system, a credit for a used car is issued in Ukrainian banks with loyal conditions .

A loan to buy a car is not the only case when additional funds may be required. The car never breaks down at the “right” moment, and in order not to change your plans, not wait for your salary and make adjustments to the family budget – fill out an application for the required amount in Good Finance!

Knowing this possibility, you will no longer be nervous in emergency situations: when a car part is out of order, keys are lost or urgent repairs are required. It’s easy to get a loan for cars and their repair, and this is especially valuable when money is needed here and now.

How to get a loan to repair and buy a car in 15 minutes?


Since getting a cash loan to buy a car car is not easy, and there are plenty of stressful moments and legal procedures, we have done everything so that you can get an additional amount of money quickly, without bureaucracy and at the same time safely.

You just need to:

  • Create a personal account on the website of Good Finance – fill out a form and specify contact information in it;
  • Briefly fill out the information we need: passport details, address of residence, marital status, identification number;
  • Give a little more detailed information: sources of income, education, place of work and position, purpose of obtaining a loan (for example, you need to pay a loan for a new car, but you do not have the necessary amount for payment);
  • Now you just give us your bank card number and wait for the earliest confirmation of the application, which takes place over the phone – SMS or a call from Good Finance manager.

How to repay a car loan?

How to repay a car loan?

You can repay a loan to buy a used car, a new car or a loan to repair it at a bank, but in Good Finance it is equally easy to take and repay a loan – you don’t even need to leave home to do this.

To do this, just select the “Redeem” function in your account on the website and the money will be returned from your credit card.

You can also return the loan at the payment terminal or at the cash desk at any bank in Ukraine. 90 days after the delay in payment, we stop calculating interest, therefore, you do not risk losing an impressive amount if you forget about a small loan in Good Finance.

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Do you know how people use the credit card limit? /do-you-know-how-people-use-the-credit-card-limit/ /do-you-know-how-people-use-the-credit-card-limit/#respond Wed, 08 Apr 2020 05:17:19 +0000 /do-you-know-how-people-use-the-credit-card-limit/ With so many credit card offers and news coming onto the market, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a card in their pocket today. And it can be a great means of payment for providing some benefits, such as points and cashback . The problem occurs when the bill is large and we do not pay the invoice: interest is one of the highest in the market.

Do you know what a big trap this is? The size of the card limit. Good Lenders Bank did some research and found that a lot of people have been using a high limit amount every month.

It’s a snowball! The credit card can even be a bigger villain if it is used in conjunction with the overdraft. The person gets involved, spends a lot on the credit card, is unable to pay and uses the overdraft to be able to afford the invoice.

The Good Lenders Bank survey shows how much people have used the credit card limit. That is, if the limit is $2 thousand, does the consumer use $500 (25%), $1000 (50%) or a value above that?

Of the total number of people surveyed, 12% use more than 50% of the limit. The percentage is higher as income decreases. For Gold cards, whose income is in the range of $1,000 to $7,000 per month, the percentage reaches 13%.


% of credit card limit used monthly

Using the credit card limit Overall average Gold (income from $1 thousand to $7 thousand) Platinum (income from $7 thousand to $15 thousand) Black (income above $15 thousand)
Up to 25% 59.84% 55.49% 62.65% 67.37%
25% to 50% 28.55% 31.53% 27.16% 22.64%
More than 50% 11.60% 12.99% 10.20% 10.00%

In order not to curl up, the ideal is to always have a periodicity to accompany the card bill, either in the card application or even in services such as Good Lenders Bank; set a spending cap on the card and use no more than the amount you stipulate; and if the invoice is higher than expected, use a personal loan to pay it, since the interest is much lower.

For you who are already on the credit card revolving and do not know how to get out of this interest, I have separated 6 tips to help you!


Collect all debts

debt loans

Before thinking about borrowing, collect everything you need to pay, do the math and understand what the ideal amount will be when applying for your credit. Thus, you will not run the risk of forgetting some debt, or asking for amounts that do not match what you need.

Oh, don’t forget: you need to organize yourself so that the installments of a possible personal loan will fit in your pocket for the next few months, okay? So, take this time to understand your financial health and take the next steps aware of how it will affect your budget in the coming months.


Contact the institutions and negotiate a discount to pay in cash

Contact the institutions and negotiate a discount to pay in cash

Now that you know what your debts are, it’s time to get in touch with each of these institutions and negotiate a cash discount. It is very possible for you to get a good discount, or at least a reduction in interest, including on your credit card. And negotiating is the most important part of that process.


Search for cheaper interest loan options

Search for cheaper interest loan options

Start researching which financial institutions can offer you the credit you need, with low interest rates and installments that fit in your pocket. This is not a time of despair, so research calmly, do simulations and understand how much interest you will pay for this credit.

We have already made a post to help you choose where you will get your credit, in addition to bringing some care so you don’t fall for scams. Just click here.


When you receive, pay immediately

When you receive, pay immediately

Now that you have applied for your credit, remember to pay all your debts as soon as the amount falls into your account. Because we know, money in hand is tempting. So, don’t forget the reason why you asked for the loan and pay off everything you had planned at the beginning of the process!


Decrease or ask to cancel your credit card and overdraft limits

credit card

You must have strict financial control in the coming months. If the credit card or overdraft limit seems to be enemies in this process, ask to lower the limits or suspend the card until you feel safe again to use or have them there. Remember that in the case of overdraft, you even pay for having this limit if the amount exceeds $ 500, even if you do not use it.

This is a time you must be aware of what can move your financial life forward. So, feel free to cut and decrease expenses.


Pay the installments on time

Pay the installments on time

Most importantly, be sure to keep your loan installments up to date. Get organized, pay the credit as soon as you receive your income. That way you keep interest rates low.

Remember, every financial process must be done calmly and knowing that it will affect your income in the coming months. So make a conscious use of your credit card and understand everything you can about this type of credit!

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What to know before taking out a cheap loan for auto . /what-to-know-before-taking-out-a-cheap-loan-for-auto/ /what-to-know-before-taking-out-a-cheap-loan-for-auto/#respond Thu, 02 Apr 2020 05:21:05 +0000 /what-to-know-before-taking-out-a-cheap-loan-for-auto/

The old car no longer wants a new car. But it is not always enough what is necessary in the wallet and a cheap loan for the car is needed.

Compare cheap car loans

Compare cheap car loans

A new car, whether used or as a new vehicle, always delights the new owner particularly when he was able to get a cheap loan for the car. There are very different ways to take out a car loan, depending on your wishes and personal preferences. But one thing is always important: even with a loan for the car, a comparison of different loan offers before taking out a loan is an important and often money-saving matter.

Cheap car loan from the bank

Cheap car loan from the bank

In Germany there are two ways to get a car loan from a bank. One is a common installment loan that is not tied to a specific purpose, the other is the right car financing, which is then linked to the car as security for the loan. In the case of car loans in particular, there are now several banks that specialize in this type of financing and can sometimes offer good conditions for car loans.

Credit for the car from the dealer

Many car buyers take out their loans directly from the dealer. This is interposed by the lending bank, and the vehicle registration certificate is then given to the bank instead of the buyer as security for the loan. Even if this form of car loan is still popular, it is not always a cheap loan for the car, since the dealer sometimes would like to receive a commission. Nevertheless, this type of car financing can also be included in the car loan comparison, in order to have a good overview of the loans offered for the car purchase.

Cheap car loan through a credit broker

Cheap car loan through a credit broker

Car buyers who have to show entries in the Credit Bureau often have bad cards when borrowing from a bank or a dealer. Nevertheless, you do not have to go away empty-handed when looking for a car loan, it is also possible to look for a loan through a credit intermediary, who then provides a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad with appropriate income.

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What is motorbike loan? See offers! /what-is-motorbike-loan-see-offers/ /what-is-motorbike-loan-see-offers/#respond Mon, 24 Feb 2020 06:15:10 +0000 /what-is-motorbike-loan-see-offers/


Motorcycle loan? Although it is believed that the motorcycle season begins in April and ends in October, for some it lasts a whole year. For real motorbike lovers, even snow is not an obstacle! After all, it’s not worth the risk – weather extremes are not safe. But you can always look for a new or used motorcycle for the next season. And take an attractive loan for a motorbike. How do you get funds and be ready to buy a motorcycle?

Motorcycle loan – how to buy a motorcycle?

Motorcycle loan - how to buy a motorcycle?Motorcycle loan - how to buy a motorcycle?

A motorcycle loan can be used to finance this mode of transport, including a scooter, moped or quad bike. Banks and other financial institutions will gladly borrow the amount if we meet the conditions they set. How to buy a motorcycle? Find the best used motorcycle or motorcycle and see which financial institution is the best for us! Let’s not suggest ourselves with catchy ads. Use the car loan calculator. Let’s carefully verify which cash loan is the most attractive, eg due to the low APRC or the longest loan period.

We will check immediately which offer will be more advantageous when buying a motorcycle. The motorcycle comparison engine will allow us to find the best bikes, and the cash loan comparison engine and ranking – convenient financing proposals tailored to our needs.

How do you get a motorcycle loan?

How do you get a motorcycle loan?

The most important thing is to meet the conditions set for us by a financial institution. What can banks require? The rules are always similar, and the most important is creditworthiness. Both lenders and lenders providing free payday loans require our money back ability!
Conditions for obtaining a motorcycle loan:

  • documents confirming our identity,
  • documents regarding the vehicle being purchased,
  • creditworthiness, which will allow the loan installments to be settled in accordance with the date specified in the contract,
  • certificate indicating the source and regularity of income received,
  • no debt – if we have other obligations, we should pay them back on time.

Motor loan – monthly installment or balloon installment?

Motor loan - monthly installment or balloon installment?

When deciding on a motor loan, we can often choose between a monthly installment and a balloon installment. What is the difference between these solutions? Balloon installments are a special form of repayment. What does it consist of?

We only pay interest throughout the entire loan period. We pay the capital amount and the last, small interest portion only in the last, largest installment. Initial installments are virtually imperceptible to our budget. Do we want to repay the loan in this way? We have to decide whether equal monthly installments will be more beneficial for us or whether we decide to use balloon installments.

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Urgent loan (loan). Urgently up to USD 12,000 online to a bank card on the day of treatment /urgent-loan-loan-urgently-up-to-usd-12000-online-to-a-bank-card-on-the-day-of-treatment/ /urgent-loan-loan-urgently-up-to-usd-12000-online-to-a-bank-card-on-the-day-of-treatment/#respond Tue, 04 Feb 2020 06:50:27 +0000 /urgent-loan-loan-urgently-up-to-usd-12000-online-to-a-bank-card-on-the-day-of-treatment/

Microcrediting is popular among Ukrainians, especially in the last few years when banks lend less frequently and mostly only issue collateral loans, and if they approve cash loans, it is only for those clients who have a good credit history and are able to officially confirm their income.

But online services give out money quickly, and one of the most popular companies remains Good Finance.

A mini-loan is almost no different (from a legal point of view) from a bank one

A mini-loan is almost no different (from a legal point of view) from a bank one


A mini-loan is almost no different (from a legal point of view) from a bank one. The difference is only in the conditions of registration, the maximum limit and the term.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to take an urgent credit on a card on the day of applying for more than 10,000 and longer than 35 days, but this amount will be quite enough to solve most problems and not resort to the help of friends.

The advantages of microcredit are:

  • Quick clearance;
  • From the documents only a passport and a code are needed;
  • No branch visits;
  • High probability of approval;
  • Funds are immediately credited to the card;
  • It is issued for any needs;
  • Unemployed, students and senior citizens (who would most likely have been refused by the bank) can get approval.

What are the benefits of the service? Firstly, it is its popularity and credibility. Almost every client who needs to urgently take credit online to the card returns to his services repeatedly, which means that lending here is profitable and convenient.

Secondly, there is practically no refusal – four out of five applications are approved. The high probability of issuance allows customers to be sure that when problems occur, you can always contact Good Finance for help.

In addition, for the service, there are two categories of customers: new and regular. And both receive their “bonuses”: new ones – preferential terms in the form of only 0.8% commission per day, permanent ones – a loyalty system and discounts up to 80%.

Urgent loan for any purpose in 15 minutes



The registration procedure is simple and straightforward. Getting a loan urgently with Good Finance in 15 minutes is more than realistic. What is needed for this:

  • Access to the Internet;
  • Mobile phone, tablet or computer (laptop);
  • Prepare your passport and code in advance;
  • Bankcard Visa, MasterCard.

The intuitive interface of the site itself will “tell” which step should be next and what should be done. In any case, if questions still arise, and something remains incomprehensible, you can always call the hotline and get answers to all questions.

You will have to spend time (about 20 minutes) only at the first registration (fill out a form, tie up a card). Urgent loans from Good Credit for already registered users are available in a few clicks in your personal account (and at any time of the day or day of the week).

How to apply for an urgent loan?



The procedure will be different for new and repeat borrowers.

Those applying for the first time can apply for a loan immediately after registering. To do this, you need:

  • On the main page of the site indicate the desired period and amount;
  • Go to the design of the questionnaire and fill it out as detailed as possible;
  • Pass verification of the mobile phone number;
  • Tie up a bank card;
  • Accept the employee’s call (but if there are no questions on the questionnaire and the data is correct, most likely there will be no call);
  • Get a solution.

Regular users in order to take an urgent loan online to a bank card, just log in to your personal account and apply.

In any case, the decision is made immediately by the service and the money is immediately credited to the account.

Good Credit – urgent loan on the day of treatment with 99% approval!

Good Credit can not only take a loan with a passport but also do it with almost 99% probability. No matter what city you live in and are located in, just having a mobile phone and Internet access, you can apply. And most importantly, get a decision on it in just 15 minutes.

Good Credit guarantees the reliability and the fact that the transaction is really beneficial. And that’s why:

  • Loans to the card urgently via the Internet can request everything regardless of social status;
  • Limit – 12 000 USD, period – 30 days;
  • From the documents you need only the TIN and passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • The minimum age of the client is 18 years;
  • Commission 0.8% per day (for those who applied for the first time) and 1.6% (for regulars).

Microcredit in comparison with any bank has many advantages – the client saves enough time and can almost be sure that he will receive approval and will not have to worry about a possible refusal.

In addition, with each application, you can receive bonuses and savings of up to 50%, which allows you to apply for Good Finance services again and solve problems in the future in just a few minutes and without large overpayments.

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Can a student make a loan to buy a car? /can-a-student-make-a-loan-to-buy-a-car/ /can-a-student-make-a-loan-to-buy-a-car/#respond Thu, 30 Jan 2020 06:19:34 +0000 /can-a-student-make-a-loan-to-buy-a-car/

Nowadays, getting your license leads to more and more travel facilities. Driving exams are passed by a huge number of students every year and it is not uncommon for many of them to want to get their own car in order to be much more free vis-à-vis their parents. However, buying a vehicle comes at a considerable cost. Since young people also have lower incomes, obtaining a car loan is a solution in some cases. But under what conditions could a student obtain a car loan?


At what age can a student get a loan?

student loan?

Of course, a person wishing to take out a car loan must be of legal age. This condition also applies to other types of loans such as mortgage credit, holiday credit, motorcycle / scooter credit but also insurance as well as all the other products offered by Crédit Populaire Européen. In any case, the official practice of an automobile can only be done at the minimum age of 18 years. Therefore, this modality compared to the majority of the student will not cause you any problem.


I am a student, under what conditions can I apply for a car loan?

car loan

The various formalities to be completed in order to obtain a car loan are quite simple. Unfortunately, the student cannot, on his own, be granted such a loan. Indeed, one of the essential conditions for the allocation of a loan lies in the fact that one must be remunerated on a regular basis. Student jobs are therefore not taken into account: only the final contracts are valid.

A car loan is reimbursed on average over a period of three to five years (it all depends, of course, on the cost of the vehicle). Without fixed income, it is therefore impossible to ensure this reimbursement. Parents or any other adult person must be responsible for the commitments made for the student.

In addition, the parents of the young person must be domiciled either in Belgium or in Luxembourg. And in addition, anyone aspiring to acquire a loan can neither be listed nor denounced by the Best Bank. However, it should be noted that certain cases can override this clause although, most of the time, these steps are not the simplest.


What documents must be provided for the approval of a car loan?

car loan?

When signing the contract certifying the approval and formalization of the car loan, the presence of the identity card as well as the residence card (for people not born in Belgium) is required. Then, the student’s parents must bring their last three salary slips as well as their three bank statements attesting to the payment of this salary to the bank account. These documents are required for any type of loan.

More specifically and concerning the car loan, the order form is requested for new cars. Compared to second-hand vehicles, the registration certificate and the gray card are required, not to mention the private deed.


Car loan example

Car loan example

We invite you to use our simulator. You will find that the APR applied to a new vehicle is lower than when it is a used vehicle. Why? This is simply due to the fact that the lender’s collateral is superior. Indeed, in case of resale the new vehicle will keep more value. Also considered as new vehicles, vehicles less than 3 years old.

New vehicle

Amount borrowed APR Duration Premium Total cost
$ 22,000 4.99% 60 months $ 413.95 $ 24,837
$ 30,000 4.99% 60 months $ 564.48 $ 33,868

Used vehicle over 3 years old

Amount borrowed APR Duration Premium Total cost
$ 22,000 8.5% 60 months $ 448.04 $ 26,882
$ 30,000 8.5% 60 months $ 610, $ 96 $ 36,657


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