Bitwarden Launches SCIM Support to Expand Directory and Identity Provider Integration Options

Bitwarden has released support for the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard. This feature allows users to be provisioned from a centralized directory or identity management service.

SCIM support for enterprise scalability

The SCIM standard allows IT administrators to easily provision users of their IT systems, including SaaS products and internal tools. Adding a new employee to their directory or identity management service automatically creates accounts for all services used by their company and closes those accounts when a user leaves.

It provides a streamlined experience both for onboarding new employees to give them access to the tools they need and for employee succession by revoking access to those tools.

Now, administrators of Bitwarden Enterprise plans can enable SCIM support and integrate their Bitwarden installation with Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin or JumpCloud services.

SCIM can be used with Bitwarden to:

  • Provision users and groups in Bitwarden
  • Automatic update of Bitwarden users to reflect changes in source directory
  • Deprovision accounts from Bitwarden when users leave an organization

Bitwarden offers many identity management integrations, with SCIM joining the standalone Bitwarden Directory Connector app. These options allow the use of existing systems, in line with other Bitwarden solutions, including connecting with SSO and the ability to choose between cloud or self-hosted deployments.

With open source transparency and the ability to leverage existing identity solutions, Bitwarden remains a flexible password management solution for businesses and enterprises.

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