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Free drawing software for PC are tools you can use to draw and make construction plans if you are a civil engineer or an architect who likes to draw.

There are many such software and although some offer premium services which enhance drawing and also give you professional tools, you can get some for free and rather than paying you will use them for free for a while unless you want to explore more features associated with subscription fees.

If you are looking for the best free drawing software for PC, let it be the Windows Where macOSyou will find it in this article that you read on NaijaKnowHow.

List of the Best Free Drawing Software for PC

Drawing can also be considered sketching, and if you like drawing on mobile devices so much, you can check out the best drawing apps for android. Now let’s see the best free drawing software for PC.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is a powerful all-purpose digital art program. It offers professional quality without any additional cost and includes features like layers, blending modes, brush presets, and more. And it supports both PC and Mac systems, so there is no compatibility issue anyway.

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty with some of the best free drawing software, SketchBook is a great choice. It is a powerful tool that allows you to overlay, paint and add text to your design. You can use it on PC and Mac, as well as export your work in PNG, JPG or SVG format. Not the easiest program to learn if you’re new to digital art, but with a bit of patience you’ll be able to create your own designs from scratch, SketchBook is one of the best free drawing software for pc.


best free drawing software

Krita is one of the best free drawing software and it is open source painting software which means it is free to download. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn how to draw digitally with the least amount of effort. Krita also has a large number of drawing tools, both basic and advanced, including pencils, brushes, watercolor brushes, pens, erasers, color gradients and more.

You can even use Krita on Windows, Linux, and OSX. Krita is free and offers tons of free tools, but if you want to explore more tools on Krita, you will have to pay $9.79 for its paid version.

3. Art weaver

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Artweaver is one of the free drawing software in the market that will let you create paintings easily. The interface is so intuitive that it feels like an integral part of your computer. You can choose from a wide variety of brushes and settings to get the right look.

Artweaver is perfect for beginners and experienced artists. It is easy to use, and even if you are not an artist, you will find it very easy to use this software on your PC. Artweaver has two versions which are the free version and the plus version. The plus version costs $33.

4.Microsoft Paint 3D

best free drawing software

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With the new version of Microsoft Paint 3D, you can now create cartoons, create 3D models and even take your creations with Project Rome. But don’t worry if you’re not feeling so creative, there are also a range of templates to choose from. All these features combined give this software an excellent rating among artists around the world.

It is a simple drawing software that provides an interface where it is easy to use different tools like brushes or pencils. It also has the ability to import pictures or images so that they can be edited and turned into something completely different. The variety of colors makes it possible to create any desired type of paint, no matter how complex. It’s one of the best free drawing software because its simplicity is what makes it so good at what it does

5. Ink Landscape


Inkscape is one of the best free drawing software because it’s simple to use and has a modular interface which means it’s easy to learn to draw with this software but also offers lots of customization options. It has an intuitive drawing interface with many advanced features designed for typography, illustration, and complex graphic design.

Another popular feature of Inkscape is that it supports transparency, any shape can be made transparent so you can see through other shapes drawn below or above on the same layer. You can even animate objects across multiple frames. Inkscape is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

6. Gimp


GIMP is a free open source painting and photo manipulation program and it is one of the free drawing software available. GIMP provides a range of useful tools to make painting easier. It has a variety of different filters that you can use to edit your photos and also create amazing designs.

You can crop, resize, and add text or effects to your photos with GIMP. It also has basic drawing tools that allow you to create quick sketches or designs.


Although there are plenty of expensive drawing software available, there are plenty of free alternatives that will suit your needs just as well. The best free drawing software listed in this article is the best you can download on your Windows or Mac PC and the best you can use.

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