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E-commerce has become one of the most profitable industries globally and continues to provide lucrative opportunities for both consumers and entrepreneurs. E-commerce touches almost every aspect of our life, continually increasing the convenience associated with any form of shopping. As a result, more and more companies want to capitalize on this demand.

Some Profitable Ecommerce Software

This in turn has led to the demand for ecommerce software as companies no longer want to have to build their own platform from scratch. This has led to the development of various e-commerce software, all at extremely competitive prices.

1️⃣ Shopify

Shopify has become somewhat of a household name among those looking to build an ecommerce platform. This software has become famous for its extremely competitive services, all of which can be tried for free. After the free trial, you can use it for just $ 29 per month, with a 2% transaction fee. It has been continuously praised for its excellent designs, functionality, and ease of integration. It also comes with an extremely easy to use interface which is a godsend for budding entrepreneurs. However, some drawbacks to consider would include a bad search engine optimization as well as lack of freedom in personalization.

2️⃣ Wix

Another great ecommerce software that you can try for free is Wix. You can use the combo plan for just $ 18 once you decide to do so. It offers great value to new businesses and has received top marks for its themes, performance, and integration. Most of its themes are extremely trendy and they are all available for free. It even provides marketing automation which saves you money on marketing tools. That being said, you also need to take into account that Wix isn’t that good at upselling, and its integration with Amazon is pretty poor.

3️⃣ Wholesale trade

Using BigCommerce is free during the trial period and provides great value for your ecommerce platform. You can take advantage of its services for $ 29.95 per month, and for premium services, you will need to pay $ 79.95 per month. It is widely recognized for its designs, flexibility and ability to integrate. It’s best for ecommerce platforms that are considering multi-channel selling, and it even comes with some great search engine optimization tools. However, a few shortcomings include the slow loading pace as well as the fact that stores with a high sales volume end up paying a lot more.

4️⃣ WooCommerce

WooCommerce is popular software that is mainly used if you are using WordPress for your website. It comes with no setup fees or monthly fees. However, you will need to pay $ 0.30 plus 2.9% of each transaction made through it. It has the added benefit of a plethora of service providers and is great for search engine optimization. WooCommerce is great value for money and its designs, as well as its themes, have received a lot of praise. Some things to watch out for include the fact that hosting a website through it can be quite expensive, and you may have difficulty troubleshooting.


There are many e-commerce software out there, which offer utilities at competitive prices. However, consider other factors like ease of integration, flexibility, SEO, etc., as well as the costs involved, before focusing on just one.

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