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In what the judges called an “outstanding” entry, Australian company Elite Woodhams Relocation (EWR) offers a truly human-centric approach to Destination Service Delivery (DSP) across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Pacific countries.

Every example of the team’s work over the past year demonstrates a genuine desire to help people, with the team constantly improving its support to create better solutions.

For people who move, these innovations have a real positive impact on their well-being, which translates into 100% of customers “very satisfied or satisfied” with the service received. It’s also down to the team as a whole that EWR again raised its Net Promoter Score to 89.5 in 2021, up from an already world-class 87.5 in 2020, despite another difficult year impacted by Covid- 19.

To go beyond

With its team of 12 employees and 58 independent experts on site, EWR works to authentically solve problems and make people’s lives easier. His entry described many truly moving examples where wellness, inclusion, and agility combine to produce exceptional results.

Among them was service and technology innovation designed specifically to support healthcare workers: people often with lower budgets and receiving little or no relocation assistance from the employer.

Working with the client, EWR led the development of a self-service model through its EWR portal, powered by Relocation Online. This offers a cost-effective resource program and online access to expert advice from a consultant. As one worker said, “I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support during our journey here in Perth.”

Yet EWR’s support didn’t stop there. Recognizing the wellness challenges inherent in moving and starting a new job – particularly amid the Covid-19 pandemic – the DSP has expanded its support for transitional care, going beyond expectations to create a buddy program to help people build their support network.

Goal-oriented performance

The entry also highlighted how the company’s inclusive culture allows it to understand diverse needs and provide the best possible service to every customer. This year, the team helped find comfortable accommodation for a person in a wheelchair and the right school for a young person with Down syndrome.

Operating at such high levels of customer focus and agility requires a very particular approach to employee wellbeing. EWR’s commitment to creating the best outcomes for people moving is based on lived values ​​that create safe environments, human attention and care.

As an employer, EWR also actively supports ongoing professional and personal development. It’s a central part of the workweek that helps keep people focused, engaged, and connected.

Explaining why Elite Woodhams Relocation prevailed, the judges said: “This company embraces diversity, well-being and sustainability and is exceptionally proactive in meeting the needs of people on the move and in supporting their own employees to provide excellent service. . There was a real sense of caring, compassion, safety and innovation and going beyond a prescriptive service.

On accepting the award, Anna Kavelj, Managing Director of Elite Woodhams Relocation, said: “We feel a bit far away in Australia so it’s really nice to have this recognition. The team is so thrilled. We quietly continue to do what we do. The team does it day in and day out, but to be recognized by Relocate is a really amazing thing.”

The award was received by Anna Kavelj, Managing Director, Elite Woodhams Relocation.

The award was received by Anna Kavelj, Managing Director, Elite Woodhams Relocation.

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