Adaptation by Jak & Daxter in the Uncharted director’s works

Ruben Fleischer has already made a film — Unexplored – based on a Naughty Dog video game. And it looks like he’s also adapting another Naughty Dog game into another medium as the director revealed he’s been working on one. Jack and Daxter adaptation.

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When we talk to Digital trends, Fleischer clearly stated that he was working on something related to the series. He didn’t say if it was a movie or TV series or if it would be animated or live action.

“Actually, I’m working on Jack and Daxtera version of that, for PlayStation, that I think would be really cool to bring to life,” he said.

It comes right after the Spider Man and Unexplored star Tom Holland said GameSpot that he would like to make a Jack and Daxter live action movie and play Jak if he got a blank check. He jokingly suggested that he would like A24 to make it “really weird and, like, dark.” It’s unclear if this is a coincidence or if his comments are related to Fleischer’s project.

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Jack and Daxter has been dormant for a long time. bad dog James 3 ended the trilogy in 2004, but later released a racing spin-off called Jak X: Fight Race in 2005. Ready at Dawn went on to develop the PSP spin-off, Daxterwho followed the ottsel back in time before Jak woke up at the start of James II.

Naughty Dog also tried two other times to make a Jack and Daxter Game. The lost frontier started at Naughty Dog, but, after multiple issues with the PlayStation 3 hardware, the project was handed over to High Impact Games. The team finished the game with a bang. The second attempt came after Naughty Dog’s expedition Uncharted 2 and divided into two teams. While a team was doing Uncharted 3the other explored the idea of ​​a James game, but dropped it in favor of The last of us after realizing they weren’t doing it out of passion. There are no James game in development at Naughty Dog according to Naughty Dog President Evan Wells, but he said the team still had “a lot of love” for the franchise.

Sony pushed more of its properties into other mediums. With the imminent release of Unexplored movie, coming soon The last of us HBO show, twisted metal series, and maybe something Jack and Daxterit looks like Sony’s biggest video game properties won’t just remain video game properties.

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