Adapt Integrated Health Care to Serve as a Community Mental Health Program Provider for Curry County | News

Adapt Integrated Health Care, a provider of primary care, mental health care and addiction treatment in southern Oregon, announced that the organization is now serving as a community mental health program for Curry County, in as of January 1.

Community mental health programs in Oregon counties are responsible for providing a system of appropriate, accessible, and effective social protection services to meet the mental health needs of community members. Until recently, Curry Community Health served as the community mental health program for Curry County. With the disbandment of Curry Community Health in 2021, Adapt worked closely with the Oregon Health Authority, the Curry County Board of Commissioners, Advanced Health and AllCare (two coordinated care organizations in southern Oregon) and Curry Community. Health to ensure a smooth transition of services. “We have a long-standing working relationship with Curry County health and social service leaders and providers to ensure access to behavioral health services, and we plan to continue providing care. of high quality to the community, ”said Dr. Gregory Brigham. , CEO of Adapt Integrated Health Care.

Adapt currently serves as the local mental health authority and community mental health program for Douglas County. As a provider of mental health services, Adapt offers comprehensive mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and families, including: 24 hour emergency care, medico-legal services for people involved in the justice system, school counseling, as well as a range of community support services to enable early diagnosis of mental illness and to develop clients’ life skills, self-reliance and independence.

Adapt has opened offices in Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford to make mental health services more accessible to residents of Curry County. The Curry County 24/7 Crisis Line phone number will remain the same 1-877-519-9322 (toll free). There is a new business phone number to reach all Curry County mental health programs 1-877-408-8941 (toll free). Office hours at Brookings and Gold Beach are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, and Port Orford hours of operation are currently by appointment only.

All current clients will have the option of transferring their care to Adapt, and community mental health program services previously provided by Curry Community Health will be provided by Adapt, including addiction treatment and mental health treatment for those who are not. children, adults and families, 24/7 emergency services and many other mental health programs to help clients achieve success in their treatment and their community. Over the next few months, additional staff and services will become available and will be advertised in local media and on the Adapt website. “Our top priority is to minimize service disruption for existing customers and to make sure customers feel safe and informed during this transition,” said Brigham.

To help maintain continuity of care for existing mental health clients and to improve access to mental health care, Adapt invited current employees of the Community Mental Health Program to apply for positions at Adapt. More information on careers with Adapt is available at

“We are honored to have this opportunity to serve as a community mental health program for County Curry, and we look forward to improving access to care to meet the needs of the community,” said Brigham.

Further information will be provided through local outreach and news media in the days and weeks to come. We encourage residents of Curry County to learn more about Adapt Integrated Health Care at

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