5 limitations of ecommerce software that can doom your business



Developing and maintaining an online website requires a lot of money and time. While it offers many benefits to both buyers and sellers, it is not completely free from limitations. Today, a streamlined platform is very commonly used by online businesses because it helps you take care of many operational and strategic tasks.

Having an idea of ​​the limitations of ecommerce software can help to resolve them and find a much needed solution. Here are 5 software limitations that can doom your business:

1. Shopping cart abandonment and payment process

Your shopping cart and checkout process should be the most transparent and easily accessible thing on the website. There are many online businesses that rely on third party websites to complete the transactions. While this sounds outdated, the reality is that most online businesses still rely on payment options other than debit or credit cards.

The most crucial step in an ecommerce system is to separate customers from their money. If you provide secure, reliable and easy payment forms and payment options, the possibilities of order finalization are increased. To work around this problem, it is important that you apply security certificates in the checkout process, provide payment alternatives, and make it easier for customers to complete the order. Before you decide to take the risk of accepting credit cards on your own, check into ecommerce software that provides dedicated multi-currency payment options for the smoothest and most secure payment experience. In addition, it also allows up to 40% of incomplete checkouts to be recovered with the management of cart abandonment. You can easily retarget your customers and get higher sales conversions.

If you don’t solve the problem with the shopping cart and checkout process, it can cost your business a lot of money. The best option is to opt for a suitable online platform because sometimes you have to spend it to earn more.

2. Lack of tracking metrics

Keeping track of your business and metrics online is one of the most important factors in running your business online. If you don’t know what is working for your business and what is not, it is not possible to improve business processes and achieve growth. So, tracking metrics require e-commerce software that displays all metrics and employees who understand the given metrics.

These metrics can give you very important information such as who’s buying what, how they landed on your website, when they buy the most, even who they tell about your store. All of this information can help you reach more people and of course there is nothing you can do about your performance and sales if you don’t have these facts.

A perfect solution to overcome this limitation is to use a platform with automated marketing tools that collect and interpret the data for better growth of your business. You don’t need anyone to collate and calculate these numbers for you, but your ecommerce system will do it automatically for you and share the results. With the right ecommerce platform, you can also get smart suggestions based on your metrics.

3. Unavailability of international trade

The next limitation is not international. When you can sell your brand to international customers without any problem, why limit yourself? International retailing helps you grow your brand faster, expand your market exponentially, and ultimately help you turn profits at a very early stage.

With e-commerce software, you can easily scale your business to an international level and take advantage of the greatest economies of scale and scope, diversify your business risks, create new opportunities, and drive your business growth. . We live in a global market and it is not practical to assume that the users visiting your website will be from the same country as you. So it becomes very important to be prepared for international retailing. Not all platforms can handle international business operations as they may not offer multiple languages, currency options for payment or shipping. With a suitable multi-store e-commerce solution, you can manage your online store from different countries with one interface and also provide the best user experience with multilingual and multi-currency payment options.

4. Website design, speed, mobile usability

Poor website design can deter visitors at first sight, as users will never prefer a confusing and disorganized shopping experience. Online businesses have no option to compromise with website design, speed, navigation, and accessibility. The speed factor directly affects the level of interest of visitors and it becomes vital to reduce loading time and your website to engage customers in the best possible way. You should always look for an integrated ecommerce system that allows you to beautifully customize your website and provide a user-friendly experience.

With the increasing popularity and use of mobile commerce, it is very important to work on the mobile usability of your website. Playing well with mobile devices can generate more users and more income. Fortunately, ecommerce software helps you focus on mobile commerce solutions. In fact, they also provide better accessibility to users with PWA, mobile apps, and mobile-first technology.

5. Difficult to retarget customers

“Retarget” itself clarifies that these are the customers who visit your store but don’t end up buying from you. For example, a customer visits your website, browses the products, clicks different links, and then leaves the website without purchasing. And many customers also add the selected products to their cart but do not complete the checkout process. So this is a potential sale but could not be converted.

It really hurts when you were close to making sales but couldn’t increase them. Well, it is not possible to send individual emails or track this visitor to remind them of your online store. This definitely sounds like a crazy idea as you will have significant sales staff costs and a final number of manual tasks. With ecommerce software, you can easily retarget people with automated marketing campaigns, abandoned cart follow-ups, and more.

Retargeting is great for many reasons such as better conversions, lower cost per impression, precise targeting, improved ROIs, profitable marketing and branding. Without a doubt, this technique is taking online businesses by storm.

First of all now, let’s understand the history of retargeting … !!!

Even though retargeting seems difficult, creating a killer retargeting campaign is very easy with a e-commerce platform. It takes care of the technical aspects like cookies, behavior monitoring, understanding visitor intent, real-time auction exchange, and whatever else is needed to win back your customer. Pretty cool, eh !! So all you need to do is leave your remarketing on the platform and focus on your core business strategies.

Final remark

Considering all the major limitations, it’s certain that even the most talented and dedicated sales force can’t perform better than an ecommerce platform. It is nothing less than a quick fix to all your problems. Ecommerce software has all the capabilities to support the growth of your online business every step of the way. Always remember that online business is a tough war and it will remain the same for years to come !! It is you who must prepare well for these challenges and strive to improve the growth of your business.


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